Update on Prager suit against Google, and videos on the New Guinea protests against Indonesian rule

1. Conservative education org must be blocked like porn, Google insists in court

(Where liberalism is defined as all people are equal before the law, and have equal individual rights, and Marxism or ‘The Left’ is defined as arbitrary group rights based on victim status, or more often, whatever is worse for society at large, notice how in this article an Obama appointed judge told Google that they are free to treat different groups differently? We know for a fact they would have been up on charges had they done so not ranking groups as Neo-Marxists would expect them to. If Whites or Christians had more latitude than blacks or muslims for example)

August 28, 2019 (Daily Signal) — A lawyer representing PragerU in federal court says Google’s reasons for denying some viewers access to videos produced by the conservative education organization on the tech giant’s YouTube subsidiary defy belief. 


“To suggest that PragerU’s content is obscene, violent, hate speech is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the American public and people like yourself, who are willing to enter the important political dialogue,” Peter Obstler, PragerU’s lead attorney, told reporters and others at a press conference Tuesday in Seattle. 


Obstler spoke to reporters after both sides presented oral arguments in Prager University v. Google LLC before the Seattle-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, appointed by President Barack Obama, dismissed the lawsuit in March, ruling that Google does not have to treat those who use its services equally.  


The legal battle by the organization co-founded by commentator and talk radio host Dennis Prager began in October 2017. Prager University, known as PragerU, filed a lawsuit against Google after YouTube placed more than 100 of its videos in “restricted” mode, flagging them as “dangerous” or “derogatory,” according to a press release from PragerU. 

2. Major riots, protests, against the ruling Indonesia by the residents of Papua New Guinea

Something weird about this. The language used is often very Neo-Marxist. What with the “racism” and all.

Political theatre by Papuans protesting the Indonesian viceroy.

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  1. A knife attack at a public transit station in eastern France Saturday left a 19-year-old dead and at least nine others injured, three of whom are in critical condition, authorities said Saturday.The attack happened around 4:30 p.m. at the Laurent-Bonnevay metro station in the town of Villeurbanne, near Lyon, France Televisions reported. The detained suspect is a 33-year-old Afghan citizen who had applied for asylum in France, police told the Associated Press. Fox News has learned that the suspect was not previously known to police The Laurent-Bonnevay public transit station in the town of Villeurbanne, near Lyon, in France. (Google Maps) Two French officials told the AP the attack did not appear to be terrorism-related…

  2. The attack happened at around 4:30 pm (1430 GMT) at a bus stop near the local station.

    “There was a man at the 57 (bus stop) who started striking out with a knife in all directions,” a witness told AFP, a young girl whose top was stained with blood.

    “He managed to hit, to open the belly of one person,” she said.

    “He stabbed a guy in the head, he cut the ear of a lady and the lady was dying at the bus stop and no one came to help,” she added, sobbing.

  3. 2 – Your point about the neo-Marxists charge of racism. This plus the timnig makes me wonder if this isn’t another attempt by the CCP to draw attention away from Hong Kong. Xi moved to expand China’s influence and control too far too fast and his failure to read Trump and the American electorate right has placed his economy in a position where all it will take is two or three hard shoves for it to collapse. The Hong Kong protests are giving Trump an excuse to order US companies out of China, many of the other companies are pulling out and moving to other nations that don’t demand so much money.

  4. I always had to laugh over Indonesia’s choice at independence when the hated Dutch(see “whites”) withdrew: a racially homogenous east indies with Christian east Timor as an independent protectorate or allow east Timor full independence(it had been a Portuguese as opposed to Dutch colony) then invade it later,and grab the racially different but mineral rich west New guinea instead of allowing it to join PNG as an independent state. The first thing that the Indonesians did was bring in the army and then millions of ethic Indonesians who took over the towns, cities, trade and bureaucracy and forced the locals into the bush literally. The NG people do not like being told what to do and there has been an undeclared war for decades between their freedom fighters and the Indonesian army who use the war as a training ground and often violate the border chasing the fighters and stories of genocidal crimes abound but are ignored as the perpetrators are muslims, not whites . PNG can do nothing about this as it is typically Melanesian: disunited, tribal, corrupt and incompetent and its army is 1% of the size of Indonesia’s (if that) and they have no intention of becoming involved(it might cost money). Australia totally ignores the conflict as it would mean open war between Australia and Indonesia if it did become involved and as the Indonesians hate Australia(see “whites”) it would be the excuse they want. So what does Australia do? Trains the “deleted” Indonesian army. Already Malaysian and Indonesian magnates are bribing tribal chiefs to allow clear felling of forests in PNG while mineral right always go to the biggest bribe. I have always seen NG as the 2nd hotspot on the planet WRT open war. Keep an eye on it as you can expect billions of oil aid to Indonesia and thousands of over keen jihadists if war does occur and the children’s book “When the War Began” may not stay fiction.

    • I was there for a WW2 memorial.
      The Fuzzie-Wuzzies were porters for the Allied soldiers. They actually got on quite well.
      A witch-doctor described the plight of the first wave of Americans. No proper jungle attire, devastated by malaria, not even suffificient aspirin.

      • As guerillas and scouts the Melanesians are formidable as the Japanese found out to their cost. But as a modern organized professional army they are severely lacking. When they had white officers they did much better but that is now no longer “acceptable”. If the officer is from a different tribe then there is a good chance no one takes any notice of him. etc.
        The US(and Oz) troops refused to take their atabrine. Ostensibly it was because of the common jaundice S/E but in reality it was because of the supposed effects upon male libido and potency. They also were National Guard units thrown in at the deep end by fools who had NO idea of the terrain or the enemy. The whole 1942/43 PNG campaign was run by a fool who had NO idea but who had FDR’s ear and the severe casualties were a result of this supreme command incompetence. When Blamey was placed in charge he was just as bad and 1943 to 1945 in PNG was just a waste of lives.

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