Proud Boys, Portland, and the Sovietization of the security apparatus in that city.

Proud Boys Release Official Statement After Portland Officials Target and ARREST Conservative Pro-Trump Patriots Before Saturday Rally

Far left Portland and Multnomah County officials sent out the police on conservative dissidents before a rally on Saturday. Several pro-Trump activists have been arrested over the last week, with warrants out for others, as the state officially files criminal charges stemming from the brawl that took place at antifa clubhouse Cider Riot.


None of the antifa people involved in the melee face any charges, despite them throwing beer bottles at the Trump crew, pepper -spraying media, assaulting a student filmmaker and vandalizing his camera, and even wacking one guy with a baton as he was retreating.


So far Ian Kramer is in custody on multiple felony charges, Matthew “Deme” Cooper (of Airliner World and More on YouTube) originally faced misdemeanors of Harassment and Disorderly Conduct but now faces felony Riot, Mackenzie Lewis was arrested by the US Marshals on a charge of Riot, and now Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson is now being charged with Riot. Another person, Russell Schultz, was also picked up by US Marshals in Washington. Witnesses say Schultz was just standing around and didn’t do anything. Others who were there but not taking part, such as independent media, are now concerned that they could be indicted as part of the brawl, despite their passive behavior.

More at source link up top.

This is a major thing. Not so much the event, but the grotesque distortion of law, using the classic tactic of selective enforcement and now worse, enforcement where there is no crime, strictly as a political tool. This is Soviet. This is Portland USA. And something bad might happen tomorrow. As tomorrow is the main event.

Below I will post some videos I have of Proud Boy interviews etc. which were lost when Youtube selected our channel for deletion. It is important to understand who the Proud boys are, given the volcano of misinformation that will be headed our way most likely, in the next 48 hours.

Please check back periodically for the videos on the Proud Boys over the evening.!/v/vladtepesblog/QmTRX9AnnzdQhqxNMYUAPwF6CkxGLah7bFKyYfkB6Q1Taz

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