The Long Marchers seems to have gotten their marching orders at this time

1. Math teacher loses job after defending Western Civilization

A math teacher says she has lost her job at a private school in Southern California for speaking out in defense of Western Civilization — even though she made her comments outside the classroom.


Dr. Karen Siegemund, president of the Los Angeles-based American Freedom Alliance, gave a speech in May at the group’s “Long March Through the Institutions” conference, which “explored the Left’s ongoing multi-decade takeover attempt of numerous public and private institutions to effect a radical transformation of America.”


During her speech, she said “each of us here believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is our heritage, whether we were born here or not.”

Shortly thereafter she said she was informed that her teaching contract at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a private K-12 school, would not be renewed.

2. Same thing happened to a prof at a New Brunswick institution of Marxist indoctrination for promoting the concept of classical civilization.

Agroup of closed-minded professors at my university, UNB, have launched an all-out attack against my academic reputation and freedom for the simple reason that I outgrew the juvenile ideas we were all forced to accept as undergrad students. 

They managed to get two low IQ fake journalists to write hit pieces in the Huff Post. One of the key figures in this campaign is professor Gary Waite, who slips out in the second Huff Post piece that his colleagues had been “discussing how to best respond to Duchesne’s beliefs for more than a year”. This attack was well-planned. Over a hundred academics have now signed a letter (posted at the Huff) condemning my “extremist views” using typical labels intended to suppress ideas they can’t handle rationally and factually. These feminists can’t refute the fact that thousands of women have been sexually raped and assaulted by Muslim immigrants across Europe. Their “peer review” argument is that these charges are “racist” and “Islamophobic”. 

The claim is basically that I am a “white supremacist” because I am a critic of immigration, believe in white identity politics, and argue that Europeans were the most creative people in history. Their silencing strategy has been to repeat point blank without reflection that “the claims of Duchesne are not peer reviewed”. That’s right, my arguments about immigration have not been approved by the leftist academics who dominate all the universities, the journals, and publishing houses. 

3. This seems like the right time to post the 33 videos play list on communist infiltration of everything good in the West.

If you click over and watch it on YT it should play them all in a row. I am up to about #7 and each one is really good so far.

The title is from something that Bella Dodd said in the video I posted a couple of times and will post again a few more. She said that people who had taken the long march through the institutions route, should never let on that they had leftist politics and should be perfect employees or managers in whatever institution they worked for, until they got the call to act.

It seems to me that call went out a few years ago.

Thank you to all who sent in materials for this post.

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  1. Add this to the report of Cambridge assigning political officers to all of the Professors. I wonder how many of those people know enough history to remember that when Germany invaded the Soviet Union and before the Russians found out what the Nazi’s were like that several Soviet Armies shot their political officers and went over to the Germans thinking they could help liberate Russia?

    And do the people assigning the political officers realize that there were suppose to have been several mutinies in the Soviet Military forces that were started by the political officers?

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