Confessions of an ex migrant volunteer in Germany

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Yes, it is 31 minutes. But wow is it ever worth the time.

Special thanks on this one to MissPiggy. It is a huge job to do a 31 minute video.

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  1. Does this stupid bint have any self-awareness? It’s exactly because of these brainless dopes Europe is now in the mess it is.

  2. Those crazy, mixed-up Germans. One minute they’re off-ing millions of Jews, gypsies and homos, the next they’re importing disastrous tards with infinite charity. What gives?

    My armchair psychologist explains the dichotomy as thus:

    Then, jealousy deactivated the conscience, while propagandized pity (and guilt) now enhances it.

    Both examples of the conscience con, says my armchair psychologist, were perpetrated by savvy propagandists who well-understood the conscience mechanism.

    Jealousy is easier. It lays in wait. Pity? This takes more work but will be aroused in affluent societies, and with a few well-chosen words to start the progressive heart bleeding. Add repetition and you will be effective.

    In the end it’s hardly a German thing, but a human thing.

    • Oh, and as for the gypsies and homos, they were just an incidental part of the societal clean-up. Simply about efficiencies…

    • There is a claim that Germany’s social life revolved around hobby clubs, each of which the Nazi party subverted for its own use. You can look at what the BDS group has done to academic associations in the US: “suddenly”, anthropolgists and librarians have meetings to vote to condemn Israeli professors!

      THE NAZI SEIZURE OF POWER: THE EXPERIENCE OF A SINGLE GERMAN TOWN 1930-1935. By William Sheridan Allen. Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1965 › …PDF
      Revisiting William Sheridan Allen’s Northeim – Zeithistorische …
      Allen provided example after example of Northeimers waging political war-
      fare over the future of Germany using every possible political tool from natio-
      nal elections and plebiscites to local, church, and school elections, newspaper
      ads and party rallies, flags and greetings, union busting and brawling. Allen
      knew full well that Northeim was atypical: local Nazis achieved absolute majo-
      rities before 1933 in few other municipalities. Yet he did not measure Nazifica-
      tion solely, or even primarily, in terms of the quantity of Nazi supporters but
      by the qualities of the interaction between ordinary Northeimers on the one
      hand and between the local and the national on the other. These same dyna-
      mics took place in each locality across Germany, and later in Occupied Europe,
      regardless if it was a Nazi Hochburg or not. Northeim was not representative in
      this sense but paradigmatic.

    • In the end it’s hardly a German thing, but a human thing.

      In the end it’s hardly a German thing, but an inhuman thing.

      There, fixed that.

    • An old woman from a Liberal Party also wanted to help this poor Asylum seekers(a Polish Woman who cleand for her warned her).One time she washed old clothes and bring it to the Refugees,the Men sayed:Our women will not wear clothes from dirty womens!

      Then she sayed to the polish woman:You was right,our culture and theirs dont fit together.

  3. Excellent video – many thanks to misspiggy for the translation. It is very rare to find such detailed commentary about the situation on the ground in Germany (or any other Western European country). It always struck me when Mrs Merkel hade her famous statement “Wir schaffen das — We can do it” it was and is a massive imposition by her on the entire population of Germany.

    As she says, and was obvious from the TV pictures shown on the BBC news channel here in the UK there was a huge ‘welcome’ rolled out for the migrants by the German people but I could not help but think that this would a very long term task to fully integrate all of them into German society, when may of them don’t want to integrate, dont want to even learn the language – relying on the continuous goodwill of many many people, like Ms Sommer voluntering to help for months and years into the future.

    I could imaginge back then in 2015/16 that alot of people voluntering to help would gradually realise the size of the task and could very easily reach burnout and also become demoralised when, as Ms Sommer says, they realise that very many of these refugees are not refugees at all but are comming to Germany because they have been told (by various NGOs, UNHCR, etc) that Germany has the best benefits and you don’t have to work!! The German people will do all the work for you. Land of milk & honey indeed!!

    Just how long does it take to fully integrate a single Afghan or a single Somali into any society? Months? Years? What happens if they don’t integrate? No-one ever asked those questions BEFORE making this open ended invitation to come to Germany.

    • I am going to ‘reply’ to my own post!! My first viewing of the video made me think that the person being interviewed was Rebecca Sommer – but it isn’t. It is Christiane Soler. Apologies for my mistake.

      The reason jumped to the wrong conclusion was that there was an interview with Ms Rebecca Sommer on this site back in February last year … here:

      That was the first report I had seen comming out of Germany (or anywhere) from the ‘grass roots’ describing her experiences in dealing with the refugees and explaining why she had given up most of the work she was doing with then

    • And thank-you for watching it!

      My view on your last question about intergation is that they (the government) could care less. They knew that once they set foot in Germany that it would be next to impossible for anyone to reverse what happened. They are earning money from it and like Dems in the U.S. are happy about their new voters.

      The one thing that surprised me was the motivation Christiane gave for the helpers to occupy these migrants. I never heard anyone admit that they were keeping them busy to protect their young woman. That effort, as she mentions, is unsustainable.

      • They knew that once they set foot in Germany that it would be next to impossible for anyone to reverse what happened.

        Difficult but not next to impossible, it will be impossible to remove them peacefully but they can be driven back to their homelands. It will be bloody and it will take a lot longer then anyone with any brains wants, but it won’t be the genocide that appears to be planned for the Europeans. The Europeans with the will and courage to resist will end up removing the invaders from their nations.

  4. Thank You Miss Piggy. Two years! Glad that she left, and is alive to talk about it.

    “Swedish Refugee Activist Killed / The Good Hearted US Democrats / Google Exposed”
    Sanity 4 Sweden – Published on June 29, 2019

    • “Robert Spencer interviews Nicolai Sennels: ‘Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant'”
      by Robert Spencer – April 2, 2012


      In my article “Psychological explanations of Political Correctness,” I go through the most important social psychological explanations on irrational herd behavior. The most important are the bystander effect and pluralistic ignorance.

      The bystander effect is when a person uses another reaction to assess a situation. If others do not react, it is interpreted as a sign that the situation is not serious and that there is no need to act. That is why we need more people to act, and in good style.

      Pluralistic ignorance appears when people know that there is a problembut feel that it would be embarrassing to point it out. Leftists screaming “racist,” the general view that it is impolite to point out obvious weaknesses in others and our culture’s definition of good people as being open and tolerant, makes many people keep their mouths shut and even doubt their own sense and senses. When a majority of people, as a result of insecurity and wanting to be a “good person,” do not speak their mind, the result is pluralistic ignorance. The famous Danish fairytale about the Emperor’s New Clothes is an excellent example.

      In the end, it comes down to cowardliness and wanting to be a good person in the eyes of others. Compassion for 700 million women who cannot chose their own sexual partners, clothing or lifestyle, as well as an openly declared war on our values and countries, the quick decay of our big cities into Sharia colonies, and the destruction of our economy as a result of Muslim immigration apparently do not count…

      And do not fear to lose a few politically correct friends on the way. They will thank you in the end.

      Their MO.

      “Bella Dodd — From Communist to Catholic”
      by Eleonore Villarrubia – August 31, 2010


      Confusing Changes

      Earl Browder, the most powerful Communist in the American Party, had always worked for unity among diverse national groups within the Party – on instructions from Moscow, of course. Now, a reversal came about – on instructions from Moscow, not to Browder, but to a newly favored group – that Browder’s thinking was wrong. National differences were to be favored. Browder was expendable and ousted; a new group was taking over. Suddenly, Browder’s former friends turned on him and spoke ill of his direction of the Party. Bella began to realize that everyone at some point could be shunned by the Party and dumped in disgrace without even being told what was happening or why. In Bella’s words: “Close friends of many years’ standing became deadly enemies overnight.”

      It took Bella quite a while to realize and then accept that the turnaround in attitude of the new Party higher-ups was not merely a local phenomenon, but was dictated by Moscow. Conditioning had been so thorough that for her “the last illusion to die was the illusion about the Soviet Union.” Communists worldwide considered Russia the great workers’ paradise. In 1946, the National Board of the Party expelled Earl Browder in disgrace. Several other high profile members, friends of Bella’s were also expelled for the slightest criticism or deviation from policy – a policy which shifted in the wind.

      Bella could detect a stealth campaign being conducted against her, since she was outspoken against the mistreatment of Browder and others who had been loyal. Several times she was accused of “white chauvinism,” apparently a terrible crime by Party standards. Of all things, this was one “crime” of which she was not guilty; she was the only Party official who lived and worked in Harlem with poor people of all races! When she tried to quit the Party, she was told “No one gets out of the Party. You die or you are thrown out.” By the end of 1947, Bella knew that her former colleagues were out to destroy her; she had seen it happen to others. Her office was under constant surveillance; her every move was watched. All the while she saw more clearly how the Party used people – rich and poor, black and white – only for what they could get out of them. Several of her acquaintances committed suicide. Bella had her doubts that those deaths were actually self-inflicted. Others she knew were murdered.

      Twice she was called before boards for questioning. Finally, on June 17, 1949, she was formally expelled on the grounds that she was “anti-Negro, anti-Puerto Rican, anti-Semitic, and anti-labor.” Both the New York Times and the Communist Daily Worker carried the story of her expulsion. Bella was desolate, not because of her expulsion, but because all of her friends dared not approach her. As she expected, former friends and associates began to harass her. Her law practice was almost destroyed. She spent an awful year during which her only comfort was to read the New Testament, which she had never ceased to do in the long years she was a Communist. She thought of leaving New York and starting over some place where she was not known. But she was a stubborn woman, a born fighter, and something in her core told her she had to fight it out there.

      Indictment of Communism

      In 1950, Bella was called before the Tydings Committee of the United States Senate to testify as to whether or not she knew Owen Lattimore, who had been accused by Senator Joseph McCarthy of being a Soviet agent within the American government. She had not known Lattimore and as far as she knew, he was not a member of the American Communist Party. She stated those facts; however, as she thought about the duplicity of the Party and how it had deceived her and thousands of others, she found herself revealing those facts as well. It was the first time that she had spoken out publicly against the Party. She began to see how the Russians had used the Spanish Civil War as a preview of the Red Revolution to come in western countries; she thought of the Koreans killing each other in the name of Communism and the Americans dying in the cause; she saw how the godless Communists used well-meaning Americans against their own country.

      Seeing the Truth Again

      There are no co-incidences with God. On a cool crisp day in the fall of 1950, an immigration appeal case took Bella to Washington, D.C. As she walked along Pennsylvania Avenue toward the House Office Building at the Capitol, she ran into an old friend from the East Bronx neighborhood of her childhood. Christopher McGrath was now a congressional representative of the Twenty-seventh District. He invited her to his office to talk of old times. He could see that she was clearly distressed and frightened and asked her if she wanted FBI protection. When she refused, he said he would pray for her safety. Then he asked, “Bella, would you like to see a priest?” He had caught her off guard, but she fervently answered, “Yes, I would.” On the spot, the Congressman’s secretary made calls and secured an appointment with Monsignor Fulton Sheen of Catholic University.

      Bella saw Monsignor Sheen for the first time at his home that evening in suburban Washington. As Christopher drove her there, she thought of the many lies and canards she had let go by – even told herself – against her Church when she worked for the Communists. She was genuinely fearful of meeting the monsignor. She need not have worried, for the good priest listened as she sobbed to him, “They say that I am against the Negro,” the accusation that hurt her most. He took her into his private chapel and they knelt before a statue of Our Lady. Bella felt the battle within cease and peace took its place. He then gave her a Rosary and told her to see him on his visit to New York in the winter. Now she realized that the Communist promise of the “brotherhood of man” was impossible without the Fatherhood of God.

  5. I watched the first 14 minutes and everything she discovered working with these “refugees” I already knew many years ago. I could have told her and saved her the trouble:

    Pashtuni think they’re supermen and persecute Hazaris. That’s basically what the Taliban is. They treat women like animals, thye maim them as punishment. They’re unpredictable and violent. Rape is part of their culture, gangraping teen boys is a rite of passage.

    North-Africans are intensely racist, look down on sub-saharans and treat them like excrement. Arabs generally use the word “abd” for black people, which means slave. Chattel slavery, including branding and splitting up families, still exists in Africa. In the Western Sahara and Mauretania to be precise, and it’s north-africans enslaving blacks.
    At the same time they’ll claim that they can’t be racist (because they’re muslim, and Islam is all about equality of course).

    Somali men are intensely arrogant and ignorant, shit on women, children and animals, and, with rare exceptions, simply refuse to work. I know a woman who gives language courses to “refugees”, the Somalis are the worst of the bunch. They act like she isn’t there, don’t greet her back, sit with their backs to her, talk over her etc. They don’t do home work, aren’t interested in learning the language. They show up when they feel like it, if at all.
    They’re notoriously rapy too. They also have a history of owning and trading slaves, they captured bantu speakers further south. They still treat such people like cr*p.

    • 21:44 propositioning women on the street. Yeah, I saw an African do that a few days ago to a local woman, in her 50s I guess. he asked, and I quote, are you good at sucking? She chukled and said no, his response can be loosely translated as “fuck you then, “bitch”.

      My mom told me she was propositioned by a Moroccan man in his 30s, in broad daylight, in full view of a lot of people. She had to come to his house for tea, he described in detail what he wanted to do to her. She listened because she found it amusing, I told her that’s the wrong approach, people like that are simpletons and sick in the head.. she’s in her twilight years, so what was he thinking.

  6. Idiots like Her , helping this savages, destroy Her own country and Europe in the same time , what this people are thinking? They can change whole third world countries? A specially this Muslim where women is a garbage, unbelievable..

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