When trannies go bad and other effects of postmodern poison in our culture: Links 1, June 22, 2019

1. All who are friends of The Barron and our cause, Please read the current post at Gates of Vienna

2. MANDEL: Mentally-ill attacker who targeted Canadian soldiers a terrorist — Crown

The article is good. A small sample:

He told a paramedic Allah sent him “to kill people.” He told forensic psychiatrists who later examined him that soldiers were a “legitimate target.”

Ali was charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of assault causing bodily harm and one count of carrying a weapon — all “for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a terrorist group.”

And now we go to the shallow end of the epistemology pool.

Catholics who are Schizophrenics sometimes think they are Jesus and try and bless people. I could go one with Napoleon examples and so on, but the point is the culture one is steeped in, will have an impact on how the disease manifests. And what the article proves, but does not say, is that his actions are 100% a function of Islam, right from his personal grooming as that of a jihadi, to what he told the psychiatrist. This was an act of jihad, whether he was schizophrenic, or had cancer or whatever reason. In essence, islam is the real disease. Schizophrenia may just be the thing that removes some inhibitions.)

The Federal prosecutors are also contesting a decision by the Ontario Review Board last July that would eventually allow Ali to go unaccompanied to Mohawk College across the street from the psychiatric hospital.


His psychiatrist described Ali as a “kind, careful, considerate, soft spoken person” but conceded his “risk includes his potential to act out on political or radical ideas and that there is no treatment for that.”


Funny, but isn’t that the definition of a terrorist?

(Canadian authorities are going to sacrifice a few more Canadian lives to further the illusion that Islam is not the problem. If his Schizophrenia is properly treated, even based on the paragraphs above, it likely means he will just be a more effective jihadi.)

3. Speaking of Schizophrenia…

4. More on what Obama knew, and when

5. The Epoch Times continues to impress:

6. A good geopolitical update on President Trump’s energy policies. Is it Poland and the US Vs. Germany and Russia?

7. “Sharia Police” in Munich commissioned by the municipality ?

“Five strong and muscular men patrolled, allegedly on behalf of the municipality, on Friday between the Wittelsbacher Bridge and the Reichenbach Bridge and are said to have rebuked women on the Isar who sunbathed topless.” The newspaper “Abendzeitung München” reports this and also provides a photo of evidence that four men in red T-shirts with the inscription “Sicherheitsdienst” (security service) shows. The whole thing brings back memories of the Wuppertal Sharia Police. 


“Passers-by and other sunbathers immediately intervened, took the floor and stood by the intimidated women between the Wittelsbacher and Reichenbach bridges,” the newspaper continues. All those present asked themselves? Was the ” moral police ” commissioned by the municipality? The witnesses of the scandalous incident asked for IDs from the security service. “They were allegedly commissioned by the municipality, I was told. But I can’t imagine that. The men did not appear credibly, rather obtrusively,” the eyewitness said.

After research by the newspaper, the security service on the Isar is commissioned by the building department. Meanwhile a representative of the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) washes his hands of it and pretends to be outraged:”I also find the behaviour of the security service strange and suspect a misunderstanding”. The municipality has published a “municipal swimwear ordinance” with nudist zones on its website. Nude bathing is allowed here on the Isar. How much longer? One might ask.

8. Transgender School Shooter’s Motive Was to Kill People Who Insulted Him

A transgender student who carried out a school shooting told authorities that his motive was to exact revenge on peers who had insulted him over his gender identity.

Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, opened fire on two classrooms at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, on May 7, killing one student and injuring eight others.


16-year-old Alec McKinney identifies as male but is biologically female, having been born Maya Elizabeth McKinney.


McKinney told investigators that he shot up the school because his classmates had taunted him over his transgenderism.


He planned to “shoot and kill” kids who had called him “disgusting” in a bid to make them “suffer from trauma like he had to in his life”.


McKinney also said that he was “super suicidal” and wanted to kill “a lot of people” in revenge.

Following the shooting, it emerged that McKinney’s accomplice Erickson had posted anti-Christian and anti-Trump messages on social media while praising former President Barack Obama.

Thank you Richard, M., Coram Deo, Wrath of Khan, EB., Johnny U., and all who sent in news. Apologies for the lateness of the Contributor’s links post today. When I do a lot in a row and set them up to auto publish, I often forget what date the last one was on till I notice in the morning that there isn’t one. It is there now.

In keeping with the Clinton policy of “Never let go of the con” we have Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London:


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11 Replies to “When trannies go bad and other effects of postmodern poison in our culture: Links 1, June 22, 2019”

  1. 5 – Pay close attention to the definition of Treason, this definition is what US Code says is treason. Following the law PT never committed treason, John Kerry, Obama, Hillary and others in the Obama administration did meet the legal definition of treason.

    • Pay close attention to the definition of Treason,

      What can I say? During the 0bama years, people always accused me of overreacting because I went around hollering, “Treason!” Does anybody really think I listened to them?

      PS: I was hollering “treason” long before BHO bought his Senate seat.

      • Hillary had a Muslim Brotherhood Princess as a personal assistant and Chief of Staff and must have given her unlimited security clearance as Secretary of State. If that’s not treason I don’t know what is. And Barack had the President of Libya murdered then handed his country over to the Islamic Jihadis. The good old Democrats have committed treason so many times we’ve gotten used to it. How about the fact that the biggest single financial backer of the Hillary Clinton campaign was none other than George Soros who hates the United States almost as much as he hates Democracy. The list really does go on…

        • There are stiff, strict legal standards that have to be met before any trial of treason can be filed. This is why US Code has the charge of “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy in Time of Conflict”. Once again here are strict standards that have to be met but they are not as strict as the Charge of Treason.

          You also have to have a President and an AG that will file and support the charges. The last time the Charge of Treason was made was to Tokyo Rose after the end of WWII. The left ended up getting her a pardon saying she was forced to make the propaganda broadcasts.

          • Once again here are strict standards that have to be met but they are not as strict as the Charge of Treason.

            You are absolutely right, Richard. It’s precisely why we have charges of, “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy in Time of Conflict”, so that they—like the IRS did to Al Capone with tax law—can nail down these perps long enough to make the treason charges stick or just have them rot to death in jail first, whichever comes sooner.

            I will ask that you please continue to annotate your comments with historical references as you did with mention of Tokyo Rose. Few, if any, have even a vague understanding of Rule of Law and, as a consequence, are at the not-so-tender-mercies of historical revisionists.

            It appears as though Citizen Journalists (like our motley crew here at VTB) are one of the last remaining backstops against the tsunami of EEG (electroencephalograph) flattening influences currently washing civilization out to sea like a one-horse Fukushima roadhouse.

            The left ended up getting her a pardon saying she was forced to make the propaganda broadcasts.

            Japanese coercion was obvious from the dispirited tone and lack of enthusiastic tenor in her relentlessly jeering tirades against long-suffering Allied troops in the Pacific Theater. No form of execution, no matter how ancient or brutal, was too slow for Iva Toguri.

            • 1) Yes she should have been executed, the fact that she wasn’t is a stain on the history of the US.

              2) I will try and stick in historical references more.

    • The age-of-vulnerability.

      And right when bored young fathers are all too tempted to bail out on their nagging, re-impregnated wives. What a BEER! coincidence.

      I WATCHED my child-molesting, wife-abusing father beat and publicly humiliate my shy artistic-genius-of-an-next-oldest-brother into a physically violent, thieving, lying, and sexually confused predator.

      There went my chances of having someone to look up to, much less a healthy male role model of any sort in my life. At a very young age I became a father to the child of the man I would grow up to be. I’m relieved to report that I’ve become the exact sort of adult I’ve always admired.

      Of course, everyone blamed the drugs that my mentally crippled (i.e., Childhood Abuse Dissociative Personality Disorder*) brother self-medicated with to escape his agony. That was much easier than outing my Vietnam-war-protesting mother for the empty-headed, virtue signalling—before virtue signalling was even invented—classic Useful Idiot that she was. Or exposing my (multiple times) PTA-president father as a junior high school student-raper for that matter.

      No ill winds to ruffle the smooth seas of those untroubled, ultra-hypocritical minds.

      What Are the Root Causes of Dissociative Identity Disorder?

      1. Emotional, Physical, or Sexual Abuse

      According to the Cleveland Clinic, approximately 90 percent of cases of dissociative identity disorder involve some form of long-term abuse. The theory is that, if a person experiences trauma for a long enough period of time, that person might dissociate from the self in order to avoid the emotional, physical, and mental distress caused by the trauma. As time goes on, this dissociation can result in the individual observing the self as if it is another individual, resulting in the origin of multiple identities.

      Some psychiatrists believe that dissociation is more likely to occur if the trauma is at the hands of someone the individual knows or trusts. If this is the case, this could explain the high percentage of people who have dissociative identity disorder as a result of sexual or physical abuse from a young age.

      Imagine how infinitely easier it is to program a fragmented identity.

      NOW EXAMINE the global-level epidemic of PTSD being inflicted by Globalists using Islam to wreak havoc upon the entire world: And then back calculate as to how much simpler it is to brainwash control humanity via Mass- and Social-Media that consistently reduces overall intelligence (both IQ and general).

  2. #2 “risk includes his potential to act out on political or radical ideas and that there is no treatment for that.”
    Well that’s interesting, because I read about how effective de-radicalization treatments are every day. Saudi-Arabia has hundreds of “patients” in such a clinic, and all over europe goverments are working on this. All for nothing, apparently.

    I think it’s possible, in a minority of cases. Some converts may let the sun in again, when isolated from their jihadi environment and immersed in their pre-conversion world. But people for whom the religion has always been part of their identity will have a very hard time. What won’t help is dropping them in their old environment. They will have a lot of prestige among their peers and family, some of whom may have been jihadi sympathizers to begin with. They’re more likely to radicalize others than to de-radicalize themselves.

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