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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson on President Trump, Iran, and China”

  1. It is so nice to have a pro say what you have been saying.

    Here is a question to think about, if/when Iran collapses what will this do to China’s economy? It will throw a real big monkey wrench into the Belt and Road Initiative and that is going to hurt their economy but how much?

    Another question to think about is what is the Hong Kong protests doing to the unrest that was working through the Chinese population? Is this so bad that the CCP will move on Hong Kong or is the unrest so great they don’t dare move on Hong Kong.

    Brad Johnson was talking about how China was taking over most of Africa, they are making loans and then taking possession of assets when the loans can’t be repaid. The big question is how much money is going into Africa and how much is coming out? Since the infrastructure for most of the assets have to be rebuild thanks to the lack of maintenance since the Europeans left how much money has actually returned to China? Without looking at the books I can’t say for certain but it will probably be a couple of decades before China starts getting much of a return on their investments. I don’t think China has a couple of decades.

  2. No peace without justice, no lies without truth. –Truths so basic we sometimes forget them. Communists certainly forget. So do muslims. Conditions so fundamentally abhorrent to the human condition will not be sustained. This is the proof that tyrants forget this incidental called freedom–a most obvious of truths to the human condition.

    The more Brad Johnson speaks to us, the more I appreciate his understanding. He falls into this blog like a hand slips into a glove. Connecting dots in a serious way is what this site is all about, is it not? Visitors here amount to a team who pool resources for this common purpose.

    As a man of business President Trump was forced, throughout his career, to make big decisions based on limited information every day. –Forced to connect dots not all of which could be seen. Somewhere I read the line that business is war made civilized. I think this is true. Hostiles are in constant, furtive motion in search of profit necessarily at your expense. To succeed you have to win more than you lose, and some of those victories must be large.

    All of this is to say that PT had a long apprenticeship for his current job. Eventually there came a Time for the Man. He was plucked from the ranks of business not coincidentally. He will win some and lose some, but you know you’ve got the right man when he opposes those who want to deceive and exploit you.

    For this reason he is quintessentially American. In this fundamental way we are all American.

    • Be sure and read J.E. Dyers article that I accidentally posted twice, she makes the same point and says that because Trump isn’t part of the establishment he doesn’t think of the attacks and retaliation the same way the establishment does. This is why we elected him, he doesn’t think like the bureaucrats and professional politicians. He doesn’t think that talking about problems is doing something about them.

      Would I have made the same decision? I don’t know because I don’t know the information he used to make his decision.

  3. It is sheer delight to know that a gem like Brad Johnson has taken a shine to Trump in very much the same way I have. That aside, if Trump remains in office for a second term, he has way better than even odds of making Reagan look like the well-spoken but marginal performer that he was. Full stop.

    Just Trump’s willingness to unflinchingly crush Communist China (and do so with unabashedly open relish) generates all the necessary impetus to see him eclipse every chair-warmer since “moonshot” Kennedy. Literally, dismembering the CCP would loosen up the Mars landing budget (toss in a permanent lunar base and complete space-based division at no extra cost). Richard will likely confirm this.

    Not even Trump’s hand-picked successor will have a snowball’s chance in hell of facing off with such a rogue’s gallery of 21st century foes like this upstart Orange One has. Nor is there a modern president so eminently suited to these most imperative tasks.

    His nut-crushing economic chess dovetails so perfectly with our national military objectives that it forms a frictionless hull for America’s ship of state. Maotown’s Mandarins drool in their sleep as they can only dream of such seamless integration and unit cohesion.

    Thankfully, a surviving Communist China (even decades from now), will have little better chance of evolving that selfsame integration or cohesion. Their overburden of Marxist propaganda alone (much less the dead weight of ideological officers in tow) negates whatever quick-wittedness and agility under fire is needed to field forces that can think on their feet.

    And in that Sinological vein, Brad nails it with a Johnson bar when he cites Red China as the overarching threat. The entire Islamic Question could be solved in hours. Nothing of the sort pertains to the Chicoms.

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