Iran shoots down a drone that was flying at high altitude in what is clearly a new level of weapons for Iran

Matt bracken has a killer 10 minute segment on this incident from today’s Infowars.


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24 Replies to “Iran shoots down a drone that was flying at high altitude in what is clearly a new level of weapons for Iran”

  1. The Iranian leaders are testing PT, they want to see if the Dems have enough power to stop him from responding.

  2. A $125 Million drone, the size of a Boeing aircraft laden with super-technology. It’s an act of war to have shot it down outside of Iranian waters. There will be a price to pay. Trump is meeting with Netanyahu next week.
    Trump isn’t a war guy; there are other ways to deal with the situation.

    • I don’t understand why there isn’t a self-destruct mechanism on this kind of equipment so the tech doesn’t go to the enemy. Or is there? Hopefully there’s nothing left of this one.

      • Nothing much is left.

        But, I’m thinking what a coincidence this is that Iran shoots down an American super-tech drone outside its territorial waters, just hours before Trump meets with Justin about the two Canadian detainees in China and the Huawei gal awaiting extradition, and Trump’s Huawei boycott.

        That same Huawei gal that USA accuses of selling Huawei technology to Iran.

        • Iran and China/North Korea have been whipsawing the US since in the Bush II administration. Iran is drawing our attention while China/North Korea get ready to do something, once they are ready our attention will be drawn to them and we will have to deploy forces over there. While this is going on the Chinese/Iranian/Russian puppet in Venezuela is doing his best to get all of South and Central America to move North.

          Anyone who thinks this as all coincidences hasn’t been paying attention to what has been happening over the last decade. The liberals who are ignoring the ties among the bad guys are just doing what they always do, it is the conservatives/libertarians who are doing the same that worry me.

          • I agree with ”no coincidences”.

            China is a very angry dragon because of Huawei and USA tariffs on in-situ foreign companies that now want to leave China. Dragon doesn’t want the collapse of its economy which leads to unhappy citizens.

            Some ten days ago, if my memory serves me well, Apple announced transfer of some 30% of its operations elsewhere, aka out of China, aka no more Huawei components. What happened a few days later? Iran attacked two petroleum ships.

            IMHO, there’s a link between Iran attacks and China.

            As to North Korea, forget it. Kim Jung Un wants out of China domination that ruined his country. Kim is Western-educated (Switzerland, I think).

            • I don’t doubt he wants out of Chinese domination but he doesn’t want any type of freedom for the ordinary people. He likes the massive power he has and doesn’t want to lose it. The only way he can hang on to power is to keep China happy. If it wasn’t for China and the US the South Koreans would have invaded and conquered the North a long time ago.

      • It was pretty high when hit, by the time it hit the water it was at terminal velocity, that means the sensitive tech was smashed. Earlier today I heard a retired seal say that salvage operations are already underway.

        • Thank You.
          Now, what did Iran gain by shooting down the drone that it knew it couldn’t recover?
          Nothing, except trouble.
          Why would it do that?

          • It was a calculated gamble, the Mullah’s know that PT has a lot of internal opposition so they are 1) seeing how far the can push the US and 2) warning the world that if the sanctions aren’t lifted war will follow. The fact that they can’t win the war never occurs to them.

            The problem that Trump is facing is that we have too many people who will create massive internal turmoil if we react with overwhelming force. (Which is what we should do) The left has managed to convince the useful idiots around the world that proportional response is what we have to use. We aren’t suppose to use the full force of the US military until the enemy has had time to adjust and survive such a strike. This attitude is going to get a lot of people killed in the next couple of decades.

      • Ron Ben-Yishai:
        The race is on to retrieve the U.S. spy drone brought down by Iran

        Analysis: Pieces of the world’s most advanced intelligence gathering UAV are now lying at the bottom of the sea in the Strait of Hormuz; if the Iranians get there first, they could sell the technology to America’s enemies and reverse engineer the technology, something they have done before,7340,L-5529508,00.html

  3. Thanks for putting up the video. Interestingly, Goolag/Yootoob wiped out the channel that put it up about 12 hours after it was put up. I have no idea who “Baked Blunts” was, but thanks, it was fun while it lasted. And thanks to whoever put it on Brighteon.

    I didn’t get to make all my points in those 10 minutes, I had just a few disjointed notes when I found out I had a ten minute solo segment. I thought I’d be on with Alex doing back-and-forth. My part on the limpets was pretty clear I think, except when I spoke of the 1980s tanker war and the SEALs sniping Iranian mine layers. To be clear, only Iranians were laying mines. SEALs were doing the sniping from small silent helicopters.

    As far as motive, I think Iran is desperate to force new international negotiations over the sanctions that are choking them badly. Their only trump card to force new negotiations at a global level is to make a highly credible threat to close down the Strait of Hormuz to oil tankers. It’s Europe, Japan and Korea who will be begging for new international UN-level talks with Iran, if they think their oil will be cut off due to a war in the Persian Gulf.

    As long as it’s just Trump vs the Iranian mullahs, the mullahs have little leverage, because we are energy independent. They need to scare the crap out of the Euros and Asians, but they need to provoke the USA into an “overreaction” attack to gain world sympathy during the escalation to a middle east missile war. (Iran knows a lot about missile wars.) I’m glad Trump did not take the bait, thus far.

    And there is that generational aspect I spoke of. The remaining elderly mullahs of the 1979 revolution who still control Iran don’t want to die and have “moderates” inherit Iran, “moderates” who might make peace with the West on terms unacceptable to those elderly hard-line mullahs. If war with the Great Satan and Little Satan (Israel) is going to happen, they want it to happen now, while they can determine the path of the war.

    Iran is hurting, the old mullahs are dying off, and they want the big fight sooner, not later. And they want to share the hurt with the decadent West. “If we are going to suffer, so are you decadent Western pigs.” If they make a credible enough threat against the Strait of Hormuz oil shipping, they’ll get new UN-level international negotiations to soften the sanctions. And if it escalates out of control, they’ll get to attack the Little Satan in a major way, and wreck the economies of the hated West.

    That’s how I see it.

    • You spoke my thoughts yesterday:
      “Hold two things in your mind.”
      Exactly right, nailed it. Geopolitics is complicated business.

      Facile and sloppy: The IC is craven, anti-Trump =>
      Therefore this is Gulf of Tonkin. Bad Bolton, Liar-CIA Pompeo. Neocons, warmongers. Mossad, MbS.
      => So Iran is a cuddly teddybear?

      – The enemedia picked up Zarif’s talking points, consulted with their stable of “experts” – the Iran Deal Blob. Ok, to be expected.

      – But online conservatives were either paralyzed in Drain-the-Swamp obsession or parroting Russian-sponsored [*] libertarians and pacifists.
      [*]The tip-off is signature jew-hate, conspiracy-theory gibberish. The Conservative Treehouse pulled an extended riff on Rothschilds and “Our boys dying for Greater Israel”.

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