Brilliant example of selective enforcement by the media, legal system in UK


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  1. The rule of law is dead in most Western Countries, the big question is can it be revived or will they (so far it is only on life support in the US) have to start from scratch and rebuild the rule of law along with their other freedoms?

  2. Cherry
    Replying to
    She says Farage’s ‘take a rifle’ comment, done during a comedy evening, is threatening language.
    But says Jess Phillips’ comment “stab Corbyn in the chest” is a ‘figure of speech’!
    Wow, without any awareness of what she’s doing. These lefties are truly thick as mince.”

    The lack of counter-intuitive thought – the monobrain Jungian dystopia of the dream being their reality.

    Nigel (Man) = Evil. Corbyn (Cuck) = Good. Every halal-haram action is defined from this. It’s a loaded echo chamber.

    Muhammad (Buck) = Good. Cucks and Sucks = Bad. Man = Dhimmi.


    Sucks = Good. Bucks and Cucks = Distracted to walk unseen. Cis = Bad.

    The blindness within is the blindness without. To knock away the props, to reveal a coward and fool, is something they will flee the gates of hell to kill you for.

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