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10 Replies to “Kicked out of class for bio-truth”

  1. We are truly living in a cross between Orwell and Huxley, a world that is becoming more dystopian by the hour.

    What is almost as scary is the report on the Tim Pool video about the Tech Giants starting their own crypto currency the video is posted on the contributors thread but here is the url

    • Thank you for the Timcast, Richard. We have reached the point where there is no longer any boundary separating “guilt by association” from “collective punishment”.

      Just as with, “First they came for the Jews”, they will start with whichever group is easiest to “de-person”. Inexorably, that cohort will be expanded to round up and execute encompass every last voice that does not join in with the consensus choir.

      If you think Consensus Science is bad, just wait until the Left’s roseate, Matrix-like VR & AR (Virtual- and Augmented-Reality) bins become mandatory and no Carpenteresque Foster Grants are allowed. From IMDB contributor, Cinema_Fan:

      John Carpenter’s slow and deliberate immersion of the daunting and worrying fable of the corrupt, deceiving and indifferent economic, social and political society, that has wrapped itself around its people and who in turn have blindly accepted their fate. Multicultural in more forms than anticipated, are the leading and upwardly mobile alien race who have gelled themselves into the Human psyche and exploited it to its full potential.

      This is the story of an everyman, a no one, a Nada who stumbles upon their secret, via an underground movement, whose mission is to sabotage their plans and awaken the world to its sinister plans. With the help of a pair of sunglasses, that shows the world as it really is, not in color, but a black and white parallel world that the sub-conscious has chosen to ignore.

      With subliminal messages as “OBEY”, “CONFORM”, “MARRY AND REPRODUCE”, “CONSUME”, “WATCH TELEVISION” and “SLEEP”. It is through this thought control that the aliens have this world tied up and neatly packaged for its own manipulative uses, to further themselves at the expense of the meek, mild and the lowly sufferers of a job less and hungry world. This is the battle of self-awareness and one mans struggle with a reality check that has these alien beings staging war against the up-rising and rebellious armies from the gutters and streets. They Live You Sleep; where will your consciousness take you when the sleep is washed from your eyes. Welcome to the real world. [line spaces added for readability]

      Just as with Hollyweird making full-length flicks based upon cell phone or video games, so has it become totally “Through the Looking Glass” when a citizen journalist’s plot summary of some B-grade 1989 sci-fi movie starts mirroring reality.

      T = 00:00:49

  2. “Scotland will become the first country in the world to embed the teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights in the school curriculum, in what campaigners have described as a historic moment.

    State schools will be required to teach pupils about the history of LGBTI equalities and movements, as well as tackling homophobia and transphobia and exploring LGBTI identity, after ministers accepted in full the recommendations of a working group led by the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign. There will be no exemptions or opt-outs to the policy, which will embed LGBTI inclusive education across the curriculum and across subjects and which the Scottish government believes is a world first.”

    “Primary Drivers:
    P1. All education staff
    professionally trained,
    confident and capable of
    delivering inclusive LGBTI

    P2. All education
    establishments ensure an
    ethos and culture of LGBTI
    inclusion, participation and
    positive relationships
    across the whole
    community of learners.

    P3. All education
    establishments take
    effective action to prevent
    and tackle homo/bi/trans
    phobic bullying and anti-
    LGBTI prejudice, building a
    positive and safe culture.

    P4. School leaders at all
    levels deliver and evidence
    an inclusive educational
    environment for all LGBTI

    P5. A national approach
    delivers a consistent
    provision of LGBTI inclusive
    education in all schools.

    P6. Parents and wider
    communities understand
    the value of LGBTI inclusive

    “Section 28 or Clause 28[note 1] of the Local Government Act 1988 caused the addition of Section 2A to the Local Government Act 1986,[1] which affected England, Wales and Scotland. The amendment was enacted on 24 May 1988, and stated that a local authority “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”” – wiki

  3. The teacher knows the truth but is caught between a rock and a hard place. His pension and employment are at risk – and he knows it. Interesting that this is happening in Europe once again. See the NAZI reproducing themselves in Scotland.

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