Youtube removes Tim Pool vid, doesn’t even bother with an excuse: Links 1, June 14, 2019

1. feminist, Naomi Wolf, caught lying her arse off about death for sodomy, stunningly by the BBC!

(In one example, she claims a 16 year old had been hung for sodomy, when in fact he spent 2 1/2 years in jail for a sexual assault on a 6 year old boy. Which is actually less than it probably should have been)

2. Hayleab and Tesfit Brhane found guilty of raping woman in Canterbury

Two sexual predators lured a drunken woman back to a house and raped her as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Hayleab and Tesfit Brhane, 19 and 20, picked their victim up on the city’s streets after she had been drinking wine and smoking cannabis.


They then subjected her to a sustained sexual assault at Hayleab’s home in Downs Road.

The pair – who are from Eritrea – argued she agreed to intercourse and made up the rape allegations because she felt ashamed.


But today a jury rejected their story and convicted Tesfit of two counts of rape and Hayleab of one count.

Both men stared straight ahead emotionless, not looking at the jury, as the verdict was passed.


Judge Catherine Brown told the men: “Tesfit you have been convicted of two counts of rape. Hayleab you have been convicted of one count of rape.


“Before I determine the appropriate sentence I need to know more about each of you. You have not grown up in the UK and I need to know about your backgrounds.

3. Another day another child raping tard

4. I think Polly nails it here:

5. Swedish Migration Board Approves Deporting Radical Imams

The Swedish Migration Board has granted approval for the deportation of radical Imam Abo Raad after a request from the Swedish security service Säpo who had previously arrested several Islamic leaders.

Imam Abo Raad, who lived in Gävle, is one of two Imams scheduled for deportation following the decision by the Migration Board along with another man. All three were arrested as part of the Act on Special Aliens Control which grants Swedish police and security services the ability to request for the deportation of those deemed a security threat, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.


A spokesperson for the Gävle mosque commented on the decision to expel their imam saying, “it is very regrettable that Sweden takes such a serious decision to expel him,” and added that Raad may face persecution in his native Iraq or even face a prison term.

6. Revealed: Facebook Has a Process to Label You a “Hate Agent” for Behavior Online AND Offline — Just Like the Chinese Social Credit Scoring System

In 2018 Google helped the Chinese Communists develop a social credit scoring system. The scoring system, first announced in 2014, rates China’s one billion citizens based on their behavior and associations. Already, nine million people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic flights and trains.

As horrible as this sounds the Silicon Valley tech giants are already using a similar system here in the United States.

And Facebook is using offline behavior to factor into their scoring system.

GP then refers us to Breitbart:

Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent,” according to a document provided exclusively to Breitbart News by a source within the social media giant.


The document, titled “Hate Agent Policy Review” outlines a series of “signals” that Facebook uses to determine if someone ought to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform.


Those signals include a wide range of on- and off-platform behavior. If you praise the wrong individual, interview them, or appear at events alongside them, Facebook may categorize you as a “hate agent.”

7. Islamic State attacks Nigeria military base in Kareto, killing commander

Islamic State claimed fighters from its West Africa Province affiliate attacked a military base in the northern Borno state town of Kareto, while media reports said the battalion’s commanding officer was killed.


ISIS in a Thursday, June 13 statement said ISWAP fighters attacked the base in Kareto with light medium and heavy weapons. It claimed “at least 20” Nigerian soldiers were killed and others injured, that a “tank” and a Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon were destroyed, and the base was burned. Seven four-wheel drive vehicles, weapons and ammunition were captured, the statement said.


Kareto is around 135 km (84 miles) northwest of Borno state capital Maiduguri, not far from the Niger border.

Premium Times reported a Boko Haram attack on a base in Kareto on June 12, Nigeria’s Democracy Day national holiday, which marks the day the military handed power to the elected government in 1999.

8. YouTube Censors Tim Pool Video on Project Veritas’ Pinterest Exposé

(And now you can’t talk about the people who talk about the people who censor points of view or factual material that the Tech Fascists don’t want you to know.)

YouTube took down a video from independent journalist Tim Pool discussing Project Veritas’ recent interview with an insider at social media platform Pinterest, who exposed anti-Christian bias at the company.


Pool said that unlike other video takedowns, YouTube tried to remove his video quietly, without notifying him.

The journalist shared an image showing that there was no explanation for the video’s removal. Pool says this is unusual, even for the Google-owned YouTube.


“I have never seen this before,” said Pool. “Any removal usually has a line next to it explaining it. I never got an email or any kind of notice — this was quietly removed without telling me.”


This is the second time YouTube has censored the Pinterest story. It previously removed Project Veritas’ original video with the insider.

From Breitbart News’ earlier story: (Click through for the rest)

The Project Veritas video can be seen here.

The Tim Pool video is below. As usual, anything I suspect that will get censored I try and hang on to, and if the reasons for deleting it are clearly political, I try and restore it. Once I can find it on a Tim Pool channel somewhere Ill replace the embed with the his. For now, at least you can see the video that Youtube felt was so dangerous they deleted it without even an explanation.

Thank you Richard, Wrath of Khan, M., Gavin Boby, EB., PePi ,and so many more. More to come. But what a day already.

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