Something happened in Sweden but we will only know what when they make up the right lie

Fascinating how much we can know about an event yet not be told. How there can be a dozen or a hundred witnesses yet stunningly no description of the perp if he is muslim or off white. How people in many cases will use their own victim status to deceive the public and push a PoMo political agenda like the lesbians in the UK the other day. Just a stunning, brave new world, new normal of Soviet approaches to reality.

From what articles have come into our mailbox today, it seems that some invisible man, had a bag of weapons and explosives, and instead of using them, screamed about them til he was shot to death by Swedish police.

Is that a beard or a heavy shadow?

Sweden terror as man shot ‘after shouting he has bomb’ at main train station in Malmo

One man at the scene tweeted: “Malmo attack at Central Station. Man shot down, shouted I have a bomb.”

At least two police cars and one ambulance were at the scene.

The man is being treated by emergency services.

The station in central Malmo, a major hub for regional rail traffic, was evacuated in the wake of incident. There were no other injuries reported apart from the man fire upon.

A police spokesman said its bomb squad had been called to the scene to investigate the area, adding it was too early to say whether the event was terror-related or not.

And while we are on Sweden:


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