Self flagellation in Bonn Germany

Another interesting and relatively benign proof that there is no such thing as multiculturalism, unless you add in a large dose of selective enforcement, which means there is no multiculturalism.

Selective enforcement means different societies exist, and so its not multicultural.

Thank you MissPIggy for this find and translation.

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  1. Can’t believe this is new to Germany, this has been going on for ages in the UK.
    I’ve seen footage of this happening in the Netherlands and Greece as well, so I assume this happens all over (western) europe.

  2. Allahu Akbar with a knife: Suspicious persons in front of Cologne Central Station cause large police operations+++
    The Cologne police held ten young men aged between 18 and 28 in Cologne Central Station late this morning, after they were said by witnesses to have called “Allahu Akbar” on the forecourt shortly before. They wore long robes with vests. Immediately dispatched task forces closed off the area extensively and searched the area of the station for suspects with the support of officers of the Federal Police. They arrived at a total of ten persons, to whom the description of the witness matched. Police officers brought them to the office, where investigators from the State Security examined and questioned them. According to the interrogations and the current state of the investigation, there is no criminal charge against the ten men in relation to the conduct described. Only in one case did the investigators find a one-hand knife. In total, the police mission lasted about one hour.

    • Only in one case did the investigators find a one-hand knife. In total, the police mission lasted about one hour.

      Well, that’s certainly a relief to know. After all, it’s common knowledge that a “two-hand knife” is the one that kills. Those one-hand knives are for beginners.

      PS: How many German women and children were killed, raped or molested while the cops were distracted by this diversionary tactic?

      Face it, even if this group at the Cologne train station had ZERO connection to other terrorist cells just their draining off of police resources opens the window for other jihadist killings.

      None of this happens in a vacuum. Not even in the one between Merkel’s ears.

      • `;..;`
        Trigger-warning for our Oz-Rita!
        Not on a full stomach!

        ~ Martin, I knew you'd come through!
        You posted these festivities regularly for our delection ~

        • well.... if you are not absolutely convinced that islam is in fact the best religion in the whole galaxy after seeing all those fervid demonstrations of true piety, then there might be something wrong with you 😉

          -there are videos from Australia too but I didn't post them ...

          More bloody Muslim festivities to come in a near future :

          - this year "eid al adha" is from Aug 11th to Aug 15th

          - and Ashura around Sept 10th

            • … in fact, this year, the Lunar day “10th of Muharram” , date of the Ashura, is supposed to start exactly at sunset on September 9th and end on the evening of September 10th….

    • Way, way back in the day there were these two dentist brothers living in Baghdad.
      they had a blog and were reporting facts on the ground.
      I will never forget their reporting of the Shiite march where the men beat themselves with chains and the women scar their children’s faces to produce blood.
      I guess it is such good times that they have brought it to Europe…
      (BTW, the brothers reported that the chains were plastic much to their surprise)

      Does anyone remember these two dentist brothers? I sure would like to hear what they have to say today.

  3. If they want to beat themselves daft, that’s okay with me, but why do we have to see it? Keep it in the SM brothel.

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