Muslims debating Rasmus

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4 Replies to “Muslims debating Rasmus”

  1. If they could clone another 1000 Rasmuses and spread them all over Europe, there might be a chance for the survival of Western Christian values and civilization.

    As it is now, the Muslim invaders seem to be in control. And what’s with those cops? Are they not allowed to use force in dealing with the rioters and thugs? Or is it like in the UK where the thugs with badges help the other thugs and criminals?

  2. At least this gives the Danes a little glimpse into what it would be like if they ever did seriously ask their Muslim “guests” to leave. Personally, I would find it unsettling to realize that there was going to be open warfare if they ever dare to ask the bastards to go back where they came from…

  3. I watch as the West falls, except I read Isaiah 53 & Zechariah 14 and it makes sense. Ross and Zac at work got tired of me talking of Isaiah 53 and Zechariah 14, of Yeshua and the End. God’s name is not Allah.

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