On Media bias: links 1, May 24, 2019

1. Tim Poole video on India’s non-leftist win

2. Another good reason why the UN has got to go the way of The League of Nations or MySpace or Debbie Gibson.

GENEVA, May 22, 2019 — The annual assembly of the UN’s World Health Organization today voted 96 to 11 for a resolution, co-sponsored by the Arab bloc and the Palestinian delegation, that singled out Israel over “Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan.”

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, condemned the delegates’ abuse of the UN body as a forum to target Israel.


“Out of 21 items on the meeting’s Agenda, only one—Item No. 14 against Israel—focused on a specific country. There was no agenda item or resolution on any other country, including Syria, where hospitals and medical infrastructure have suffered devastating bombings by Syrian and Russian forces; Yemen, where 19.7 million people lack access to health care service due to the current crisis; or Venezuela, where the health system has collapsed, causing millions to flee the country,” said Neuer.


“Today’s resolution is a fantastic lie. The UN reached new heights of absurdity by enacting a resolution which accuses Israel of violating the health rights of Syrians in the Golan, even as in reality Israeli hospitals provide life-saving treatment to Syrians fleeing to the Golan from the Assad regime’s barbaric attacks,” he said.

3. South Africa Farm Attack:

4. Paul Weston on British Police bowing to Islam

5. Channel4 attack on Western, Judeo-Christian think tank

More to come soon.

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6 Replies to “On Media bias: links 1, May 24, 2019”

  1. 5. @2.33 ‘I mean,the UK’s a secular contry right, but it’s starting to bend the knee to shariah law…’
    Channel 4: ‘Come on, that’s not true..’ ‘Come on, that’s just rubbish…’

    1. Main-city restaurants and take aways only serve halal meat.
    2. Local butchers sell only halal meat. Those who do not proudly display their certification hide the fact when selling to non-muslims.
    2. Local governments provide incredibly valuable dead office space for muslim prayer rooms.
    3. Police no-go zones.
    And compliance continues into the banking and mortgage system.

    • “Come on, halal’s such a little thing!”
      You’re right – just an outright ban.
      “Come on, prayer rooms aren’t everything”
      Good, so don’t do that again.
      “Come on, sharia-patrols; incy wincy sting…”
      Submit your daughter
      Prepare for slaughter
      And pay to their imam.

    • When you listen to a cuck explain islam, it’s all good. When a buck explains islam, you’re all dead. When a suck explains islam, we’re all Red.

  2. Oh shit, Bonnievale is just on the other side of the Mountain from where I live.
    But we had on our side also a Fram-attack a few weeks back, luckily nobody of any consequence, and I mean by that the intended Victims, got hurt.
    Apparently some of the attackers are still picking shot-gun pellets out of their hides.
    Although that could be simple exaggeration, but it still gives you a warm glow thinking about it.

    • “Apparently some of the attackers are still picking shot-gun pellets out of their hides.”

      Use Brenneke KO slugs next time at 1oz lead at 1650 ft/sec. Nothing to pick out. Just a big fuck you hole.

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