Brad Johnson on the arrest of the 6 Italian intel people over Trump coup

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  1. Info ho


    What I don’t get is when Johnson goes on about how all these traitors won’t hold up well in jail … he says that like it’s a bad thing.

  2. Fine commentary, Brad! Thanks
    These guys are not mafioso who will be protected in jail. They will be terrified if they aren’t already, and will rat eachother out in a heartbeat to save their skins. Such reprehensible opportunists who tried so hard to undermine their country for what? Personal gain, ego, bullshit commie ideology? Traitors all and should be dealt with by the full weight of the law.

  3. ~~ Brad Johnson, always delicious ~~

    THE question: How’s that “special relationship” working out these days?
    We might never know the extent to which Five-Eyes goes BLIND. (All of them squinty these days. Will Christchurch be re-named?)

    “Info ho” – that’s what sleazy keyhole-peepers like Mifsud really are. Not the true-blue, honest-injun men and woman who are protecting democracy collective still being peddled to naive consumers of corporate media.

    The Khashoggi-Index comes in handy:
    – – Who jumped on the MB/Turk’s bandwagon? Brennan, who was chief of station in Saudi when K was plugging into al-Q/MB.
    – – Why send Gina Haskel to Turkey to investigate K’s disappearance? (Who recommended her to PTrump, anyway?)

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