While muslims demand the ‘right’ to wear hijab, lets see how it works out

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  1. Germany: Feminist Alice Schwarzer at “Headscarf Conference” insulted as racist+++
    Alice Schwarzer faced arguments and screams as she tried to talk to a group of opponents during the “headscarf discussion” at Frankfurt University. The situation escalated when she touched a woman in veil on her arm. “Don’t touch me,” screamed the untouchable and hateful Internet postings, along with the usual ” accusations of racism,” attacked the 76-year-old journalist from the magazine EMMA. She now accuses her opponents of ” misrepresenting facts “. Alice Schwarzer has mocked a “Muslima”, headlines the newspaper Merkur, “Her assault on a young Muslima shows how racist Alice Schwarzer is,” Katharina Alexander is eager to claim on the portal ze.tt and the Tagesspiegel author Hatice Aky√ľn rages: “These few seconds with Alice Schwarzer are hardly bearable, her arrogance, her hubris, her disrespect, her cynicism! If that’s supposed to be feminism, then I’m ashamed to be a feminist,” she writes on Twitter.Alice Schwarzer does not accept that and answers to the Shit Storm initiators:

    Dear unknown Muslim woman,

    I’m amazed. I’m amazed at how you misrepresent the facts. During the conference I was the only one who went out to talk to you. And I didn’t say “What do you want here”, but “What do you want? I want to talk to you”. That sounds quite different, doesn’t it? Then I stood in the midst of all of you. Then you and two other women immediately started screaming very excitedly. I tried to reason and tapped your left arm like I did. Then you screamed even louder, “Don’t touch me”. – and I replied ironically: “I thought only men were not allowed to touch you…”.

    Actually, the whole thing is too “ridiculous” to talk about, Alice Schwarzer continues on Twitter.Her opponents have started a defamation campaign because of her offer to talk. This is “really sad” and at the same time “revealing”, the journalist says.
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    • White Feminists now have islam hating them, LGBTQ + Trans hating them, Non-Whites hating them… they are all going to be barren and unwanted unless they beg cucks and suck to give them sperm… and I’m restraining on Norse Raddish offering to cure them…

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