Islamic Antisemitism in the Netherlands. A Hungarian perspective

This appears to be a Hungarian made, possibly propaganda video about the consequence of Islamic migration into formerly awesome Western nations. This one focuses on antisemitism from muslims. But like any great propaganda, it helps when its true and it doubly helps when truthful propaganda counters the stunning amount of official narrative driven propaganda we are fed from all sides these days.

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  1. The travel sections of outlets popular with observant Jews back up this propaganda.
    Ok, that's what it is. So what?

    Readers want to vacation where:
    – – It’s ok to carry an Israeli passport (or one stamped with multiple visits there).
    – – Wear a kippa, have lots of young kids.
    – – Find a minyan [group of 10 who gather for prayers] within (safe) walking distance.

    Go to Hungary!
    Europe is littered with dead-Jew museums; Hungary has an enthusiastic, LIVE Jewish community. There are great kosher restaurants in cities that are still European.

    (Several comment that the girls are pretty – “clean, not so many tats and piercings…”)

    • (from a friend) Please tell your friends that if they speak Hungarian, they will be able to understand the nasty comments a few people make about them.

  2. Hungarians and Jews must help eachother survive. Maybe this video is propaganda, or maybe it’s a sales pitch.

    • It’s propaganda, or maybe counter-propaganda is a better word. Some west-european politicians are pointing the finger at Hungary (and Poland), now they’re pointing the finger back. I suspect the friction has to do with these countries not going along with foreign policy viz a viz Russia.

      But the propaganda happens to be factual. The rabbi is a bit alarmist, but that’s understandable given the hostility he’s experienced (the arabs he describes will attack anyone though). He’s right about antisemitism in countries like Syria too, it’s part of the school curriculum there.

      It’s mentioned in the video that jewish schools in Brussels (Belgium) have security. A jewish school in Amsterdam was guarded by MP as well for a few years, its playground is surrounded by a steel wall. This is not because of the native dutch, I can assure you.

      There’s one area in Amsterdam where most of its jews live (north-west I believe). The council wants to house refugees there, and the locals are NOT happy.

      • “There’s one area in Amsterdam where most of its jews live (north-west I believe). The council wants to house refugees there, and the locals are NOT happy.”

        I think I have to consider that a data point for European policy these days. It cannot be coincidence that so many formerly more or less Jewish areas in Western Europe are now sharia compliant.

      • alarmist: someone who is considered to be exaggerating a danger and so causing needless worry or panic.

        A rabbi who has been regularly attacked physically, his students and their families likewise, is hardly exaggerating. Rabbis in Barcelona have also warned off Jews from settling there.

        House refugees where most of the Jews live?
        We’ll see how determined the council is to make Amsterdam Judenrein. Again.

        Rationalizations – however strenuous – simply don’t work. It’s willful endangerment of the most vulnerable minority.

    • Its both. I don’t use the word, ‘propaganda’ with an inherently negative bias. Propaganda to me means you make some communication with an intent to convince. Its nearly all I do. But if its true it is of great value.

      If the state of Israel existed in the 30s and they produced propaganda saying that the Germans and poles were going to enslave and murder the Jewish people, come to Israel, it would be propaganda but it would be very useful to the target.

      This is Hungarian propaganda for its own people to show that border fences make the country secure and allow it to remain as the Hungarians want it, as well as showing how the Jewish people are the first targets of a globalist policy.

      • My comment about the “sales pitch” was meant to say that Hungary can welcome the highest-quality immigration by offering safety and religious freedom to Jewish people, as well as other Western Europeans with skills that will be a great asset.

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