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10 Replies to “Orthodox Jew brutally attacked by anti-Semite in Williamsburg in New York.”

  1. Is this an example of anti-Semitism or a case of anti-whitism? The way that black boy ran up to his victim and hit him with a roundhouse punch looked like the typical “knockout game” that is so popular with “teens” these days but so ignored by the mainstream media because the victims are mere white people whose lives definitely do not matter. The little bastard will never be caught because all the witnesses can see is a black teenager in a hoodie, indistinguishable from all the other black teenagers in hoodies. And, of course, no black witness din see nuffin…

  2. Another Redgreen punches another canary. In committing this kinetic act he crawls from the pre-crime of his mental Gaza–a shit hole of violence and tyranny. Feel the temperature rising not weekly, but now daily. Is it time to take a mental health day away from VTB? Sure, take a day. Take two. Then scurry back to catch up even though there is no catching up, really. Vlad knows. Because you watch and read and watch for the seminal events, the Versailles and the thing after things, waiting for the big turn, and still we hear canaries snoring along with millions of others who just snort as they turn over in blissful slumber. And whence we wake and walk to our day we never know which stranger packs a loaded No-Go zone inside his thick skull.

    Never Again. –Talk about black humour.

    • People are waking up, not as fast as we would like and not fast enough to avoid a very bloody war to remove the infection.

      Hang in things seem to be coming to a head.

  3. Nothing to see here
    With this attack.
    Patently clear
    It’s because he is Black.
    Dad’s disappeared
    So give Jews a smack.
    Bucks, Cucks and Sucks know,
    Should He ever come back.

    • “It’s not about you
      It’s about me.”
      You have everything
      I know should be free.
      You have Privileges
      Give me just three:
      A Father, a Spirit
      An Identity.

      But school gave out badges
      For somebody else
      Not for achievement
      But compliant-mouse.
      Attendance, for Smiling
      Spying, a Louse.
      Rewards for those faking
      As Heads of the House.

      Now out on the streets
      Seeing happiness won
      This Hero of High School
      Is just a Proud Bum.
      No Father to pray to
      Love born through cum
      My skin is my virtue
      Offence is my gun.

  4. Berlin: Israeli clarinet player beaten at anti-Israel event (VIDEO)+++
    An Israeli musician studying in Germany was attacked by a mob of Arabs at an anti-Israel event in Berlin last week.

    As can be seen in footage of the incident which surfaced Thursday, an Israeli man, later identified as 27-year-old Daniel Gurfinkel, was beaten by a group of Arab men at a pro-BDS, anti-Israel event held in Berlin’s Hermann Square.

    Gurfinkel, a clarinet player, is studying music, along with his twin brother, at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler music conservatory in Berlin.

    The incident occurred last Saturday, as Gurfinkel was passing through the square, when he noticed the anti-Israel demonstration which was being held there to protest the upcoming Eurovision competition in Tel Aviv.

    When Gurfinkel called out “Israel” in response to the anti-Israel demonstration, he was immediately attacked by a group of Arab men.

    “Immediately, right after the first word I tried to get out to defend Israel, they already started to attack me,” Gurfinkel said, according to Israel Hayom.

    Police officers at the scene were slow to respond, Gurfinkel said, initially choosing to ignore the attack.

    “They beat me over the head, and the police who were passing by responded with indifference.”

    Only after five minutes or so did the police intervene, Gurfinkel said.

    “I’ve been living in Berlin for about four years now, and I never imagined that something like this would happen.”

    Despite the violent attack, Gurfinkel said he would “continue to defend by country.”

    There are no reports of arrests.
    Read more:

  5. Methinks it might be best for Mr. Hebrew to wise the fuck up and not wander around with a cell phone glued to his ear—which is today’s version of wearing a “kick me” sign on your back. It’s call SITUATIONAL FUCKING AWARENESS and no-fucking-body is immune to the consequences of disregarding their surroundings.

    Yes, we deserve to live in a world where this simply does not happen—and likely will have to fight some truly bloody battles to win that for ourselves. Until then, DON’T BE A VICTIM.

    As an aside—looking back on how many American Jews voted for that crypto-Muslim 0bama—I’m losing any sympathy for victims of domestic Antisemitism. Absolutely NONE of which alters my ironclad support for Israel.

    • There’s a video out there of an absolutely gorgeous young woman wearing nothing but painted on Daisy May shorts and a halter top walking with the crowd downtown and you wouldn’t believe how many young men were too absorbed in their cellphones to even see her, let alone notice that she was naked. I’m talking a perfect “10”. She looked like “Darlene” on the “Larry Sanders Show” and young men loaded with testosterone didn’t even see her. Like, even if she was wearing the Daisy Mays and not really naked she should have knocked them off their feet…

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