Asia Bibi in Canada

It is possible that this is the first genuine refugee Canada has taken in. And it is an amazingly good thing that Canada did. One wonders if there are conditions to her being here such as limits to her freedom of speech to discuss Islam and its impact on minorities in Islamic countries. It is difficult not to believe that the Saudi girls are not under conditions like that as their language has been extremely measured since arriving here.

The CBC article failed to mention that the UK turned down her application because of concerns over how local muslims would behave. Once again showing who makes the law in the UK.

It is a powerfully good thing that Canada brought in Asia. However I personally have met migrants to Canada from Syria who were Christian but had to lie and say they were Muslim to get into Canada as a refugee. So while this extremely high profile case is an excellent event, someone needs to look in to the actual policy in Canada in terms of accepting genuine refugees of Islamic horror and discrimination against minority religions and see what is wrong in the system.


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  1. My only concern is that these ‘Christians’ who were once the majority in their lands, bring their fatalistic apathy – of waiting for the Last Days that the slave-traders had taught the Africans as they took them to the Plantations in America – and so draw out muslims and Communists to once again persecute them like flies on a corpse. For wherever there is weakness, the collectivist-gangsters of halal/haram or Politically Correct/Hate Crime appear. Christians who kiss feet and virtue-signal to god believing that the Weak inherit the Earth, when it is the Meek. For those who wash each other’s feet and reject the envious and prideful.

    So Hassidic Jews with the Law on the sleeves, are far greater than all of these because they emulate the kingdom just a bit; and far lower than those with the Law in their hearts:

    So like the lowest of Christians who come in as refugees, it is distressing when they are then persecuted by the West’s LGTB+Skin common dogs.

    • men trying to be Men.
      Women trying to be Fem.
      Front-and-back for them, or

      Psychopathic Peace.
      Sociopathic Police.
      Truth will release
      The nashing of their teeth.

      Pedarast in nurture
      Pedophile in Nature
      Abortions out to rape-yer from the
      Right to Birth each year.

      • Mmm. They said in other words that this Ex-muslim converted to Christianity was an Apostate.

        Oh, and that he had written on good quality paper.

        So much missing from content, and so much added to the Narrative.

        No misdeeds go unexploited.

    • So Hassidic Jews with the Law on the sleeves…

      It’s not “the LAW” that’s on their sleeves.
      That’s your interpretation, overlaid with a fragment from the New Testament that’s out of context and irrelevant anyway.

      As is often the case with Scriptural passages pasted into blog posts. For unoriginal witticisms, Bartlett's is an alternative to tortured Scripture.

      Hassidic dress is a custom within certain communities of practicing Jews. They choose to remain separate; dressing the part helps accomplish that goal.

      It has nothing to do with Judaism or how we pray.

  2. My only concern is that these ‘Christians’ who were once the majority in their lands, bring their fatalistic apathy…

    A serious point. I’m not sure it’s “apathy”, though.

    How dhimmi are they? Those particular Christians didn’t utter a peep when the Jews were driven from Iraq. They’d countenance just about anything as long as it didn’t touch them personally.

    This group is speaking up now, anyway. A good sign.

    • The Hottest Summer in Baghdad: 75th anniversary of the …
      In 1948, there were some 135,000 Jews in Iraq. Baghdad’s population was nearly 25 percent Jewish. By 1953, some 80 percent had left for Israel.
      The Shavuot of 1941 fell on June 1 and 2. On April 13, 1941, a pro-Nazi Coup was headed by Rashid Ali Algailkani and plotted successfully by the German attaché Dr. Fritz Grova and the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al Husani. This inextricably lead King Faisal, the Regent Abdyl Illah and the Prime Minister Taha Al Hashimi to flee Baghdad.
      Radio Baghdad, the government’s mouthpiece, along with other media outlets, began a steady stream of anti-Jewish propaganda. On the Daily, public hatred increased as the summer heat and shook up every Iraqi Jew to the core.

  3. When you hear that the refugees felt that they needed to deny being Christian to gain admittance, was it that they said this to the UNHCR representatives or to Canadian agencies?

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