This mosque is “The greatest scandal in France”

This was a difficult video to subtitle and I am told, very difficult to translate. Not because of the language. But because of the content. This is enraging. As you watch, visions of mysterious burning of majestic cathedrals go through your head as you ask yourself, ‘how and why did they keep this a secret’?

Thank you Ava Lon for the translation, and SB. for the extra information below the video on this utter massive betrayal of the peoples of three once great European nations.

It will be the LARGEST Islamic centre in EUROPE (in Alsace region in northern France)!! With MB ties! It is a project of Qatar Charity’s “Ghaith Initiative”….

(2015 — Qatar Charity has announced the launch of its global Ghaith initiative to serve Islamic projects worldwide. The GHAITH initiative aims to introduce the Islamic culture and strengthen its presence in Western communities in particular and the world in general, the statement notes, adding: “It also seeks to sustain the economic resources of Islamic educational and cultural organisations, marketing its programmes professionally and implementing various initiatives to keep pace with upcoming developments.”)
Qatar Charity’s chairman, Sheikh Hamad bin Nasser bin Jassem Al Thani, said the project reflected the charity’s eagerness to “strengthen the Islamic identity of Muslim communities in Europe, supporting the idea of ??peaceful coexistence between different cultures, promoting a proper understanding of the values ??and principles of Islam and reflecting a moderate interaction with Muslim communities”.

It was stated that the centre is being overseen by Qatar Charity UK, whose deputy chairman, Salah al-Hammadi, is the son of the Qatari missionary preacher Sheikh Dr Ahmed al-Hammadi, the driving force behind the Ghaith Initiative.

In June 2015, shortly before the launch of the initiative, Sheikh Ahmed could be seen tweeting, with Islamic chauvinism, that “the historic impact of the Muslims on Europe remains to this day, and cannot in fairness be denied”, and that “leading scholars in Europe testify to the major role of the Muslims in its renaissance”.

He was already fundraising on Twitter and on local TV channels for Islamic schools in France, where he said there were 12 million Muslims (at least double most other estimates) and that 10,000 people a year were being brought into Islam. “The Al Noor Centre is a quantum leap in terms of projects in Europe,” the younger al-Hammadi said at the French delegation’s press conference.

Qatar Charity says the centre will be “strategically located in the border region between France, Germany and Switzerland” and serve 200,000 Muslims in the area.

The project will cost €27 million ($29.4 million), of which nearly half had been raised by June 2016, and it has the backing of Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf (Islamic endowments) and Islamic Affairs.

It will cooperate fully “with all local authorities and institutions working for the public benefit and fighting against Islamophobia, racism and incitement to hatred, contributing to Muslim community service, helping them to practise their religious duties, meeting their cultural needs and activating the spirit of active citizenship and positive partnership and commitment. It will also teach Arabic language and Islamic education to more than 800 children and young people – including Quran memorisation – and incorporate a regular school which will accommodate 300 students, providing them with a good level of education which will allow them to ultimately enter the most prestigious local universities.”

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  1. Another data point that says the EU won’t exist in 2022, this whole mess is coming to a head and is ready to be lanced. All it will take is one spark and the entire world will explode in massive violence.

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