The full Baghdadi video

This is the entire video by Baghdadi and his band of less than merry men.

To understand the enemy, retired military intel man, Stephen Coughlin says, “One must read the enemy propaganda meant for us, as well as the propaganda they make for themselves”.

This video is a lot of both. But for sure so long as the MSM is determined to hide the real motives and inspiration for Islamic terror (Hint: the truth is in the name) and then fabricate the motives to further leftist agendas, (I guess you could call that, terrorist appropriation?) we are determined to show you what its really about. There is no fix for a problem if you cannot know the source. And the source is the illegal importation of millions of un-vetted religious muslims, or teachers and transformers of less religious muslims into these:

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12 Replies to “The full Baghdadi video”

  1. What a tour de force. I’m chilled to the bone – thank you for your work, which must have been really unpleasant to do, Vlad and Ibn Al-Malek. In one main thing, these barbarians, results of centuries of inbreeding in the petri dish of Arabia, are superior to our Merkels/Macrons/Clintons/ MSM / the Pope etc.: they do not lie, they tell us that they are coming for us, (even for you, compliant little dhimmy Macron, France got a special mention and promises of increased allah-u-akbar-terrorism !). Nothing here about “nothing-to-do-with-Islam” – as to the newest whore-for-islam on the block (New Zealand PM) – despite your adopting the hijab and making your female police wear the islamic veil – I did not hear him mention you … in fact sisters do not get a mention at all, only “brethren”.
    Bone-chilling !

    • Won’t he be surprised if he wakes up one day and has Marie Le Pen after him instead of the typical pro-Muslim leftists he’s been used to dealing with?

    • I htink he’s referring to french troops in Mali.
      But I’m sure he won’t mind if somebody sets another french church on fire either.

  2. A jihad of attrition on all kufar resources, he says. That’s an urging to more mayhem–arson, welfare, fraud and violence of any kind.

  3. Islam has always been nothing but a criminal organization that uses the pretext of “religion” as a cover for their thievery and murder. The only path to success outlined in the Islamic literature is to steal stuff off of non-Muslims and leave your victims with their throats slit or even cut off. There is no “spiritual” aspect to the Quran – it is entirely about Muslim supremacy, not deep questions about life like the Bible.

    Listen to Mr. Baghdadi whining about how unfair the Christians are for fighting back and saving their own lives. What an unbelievably evil little bastard he is…

    • Unbelievably is the best weapon he has. People literally do not believe how evil he is, and don’t understand Islam’s connection to what evil there is.

      • Yes. I know it sounds ridiculous but I think part of Islam’s success is that it is so crazy that when you try to describe it to somebody you come off as fanatical and hateful even though you are simply describing the truth.

        Muhammad was a serial liar, a thief, a rapist, and a murderer. There is no polite way to say that. It’s hard to believe that a religion could be 100% evil with no positive attributes whatsoever but it’s true in the case of Islam and that sounds crazy…

  4. The Sri Lanka bombings revenge for Baghouz? That’s BS, just as the claim that it was revenge for New Zealand.
    Sri Lanka had been in the pipeline for a long time.

  5. You need to post it on YouTube or something. I cant even Play it here . I need to download and share it. I m on phone

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