Press Conference: Senator Fraser Anning

Excellent example of how weaponized and thoroughly dishonest the media has become. nearly every question was tantamount to, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

Why are politicians not equipped to handle the contemptible tactics of these media Quislings?

A great response to the question that he was hammed with endlessly might have been:

“A man committed a bank robbery the other day that said on his Facebook page that he regularly read your columns. Do you take responsibility for his actions?”

For that matter does MSM EVER take responsibility for what their lies cause? People shooting at Republicans at an amateur baseball game for example.

Its about time someone stopped these activists from setting the reader’s opinions of what is out there to see. The evidence that using a government-media narrative to make important societal decisions is that it is highly corrosive to a peaceful and cooperative civilization.

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  1. I am deeply concerned that Australia is heading towards a no-win solution after the upcoming elections (in May) which one of the two major parties has to win: Liberals/Nationals (=Conservatives), Labor (=Left-Commie-Greens).

    If the Left wins:
    we will have, for example, a Deputly Leader (Pilberseck) who publicly declares Israel a “Rogue State” just like the rest of the Left who hold “Israel” as very see-through fig leaves in front of their virulent Jew-Hatred. Plus, if the Left (who are also hugely supported by the partly Sorros Financed “Get-Up”) wins, OZ will be an economic basket case.

    If the Conservatives win:
    we will have a PM in Scott Morrison who is (at best) a “soft” or good weather conservative, but who has joined in the pack-hunt on Senator Fraser Anning (video above). And what’s more, that will dampen all hope – at least for the next 4 years – to get a TRULY CONSERVATIVE PM such as Tony Abbott, the PM who introduced the “No more Boats” policy (the great Australian border protection) and who got knived by the fake conservative (Termite Turnbull), or Peter Dutton, a straight shooter, former policeman, strong advocate for safe borders and not afraid of the truth.

    Our only hope now lies with the Cross Benches in the Senate (Upper House of Review), such as Fraser Anning, Pauline Hanson, Cory Bernardi (founder of the Australian Conservatives) getting a strong result and forming a truly conservative voting block.

      • @NorseRadish

        Here is a little background on GetUp by AdvanceAustralia, a new group which has formed to be a counter balance to them. Talking about “David v. Goliath”, I fear that AdvanceAustralia is a tiny tiny David.

        However, not having been at my desk very much these weeks, (and being bad at organising at the best of times) I cannot put my finger on the place were I saw the “very generous donations by some Sorros outfits to GetUp”. I will post them, when I find them.

        • Thank you, Rita. I’ve had friends from Down Under since I was in short pants. In ancient Left Coast lore, Australia was the last frontier for people who wanted out of the military–industrial complex.

          Few remember the Wild West that preceded America’s Pacific Rim becoming the lunatic fringe. From the Wild West and the Gold Rush combined to become, veritably, SILICON VALLEY. Leftism had NOTHING to do with its creation and, in fact, it required an entire secondary layer of technology (i.e., “there’s an app for that”) to be piggybacked onto near-alien semiconductor fabrication before this rowdy frontier mentality could be housebroken.

          This was done in order to thoroughly hijack the otherwise alarmingly empowering digital cybersphere. It was done in order to co-opt it into the Globalist PCMC PoMo-Prog culture.

          Look no further than the way Levi’s Jeans became haute couture for a glimpse of how even the most counterculture style can be siphoned off into the mainstream.

          One glance at mobile-device addicted, situationally detached, gender dysphoric, socially clumsy, tatted and pierced, agoraphobic Snowflakes confirms how modern youth have been vertically infiltrated by this systemic perversion in every aspect of daily lifes, right down to their very own Newspeak-limited thoughts.

          As I’ve said elsewhere hereabouts, the Right Honorable Senator Fraser Manning is one of Australia’s last and best hopes. It is tragically small wonder that his is a voice in the wilderness.

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