Notre Dame: No Accident?

From Gates of Vienna:

If the catastrophic fire at Notre-Dame de Paris was a simple accident, why has the French government forbidden state-employed architects to give any further interviews about the fire?

Many thanks to Nathalie for translating this article from Riposte Laïque:

No, no, no, the blaze that engulfed Notre-Dame cannot have been an accident, and here’s why:

Article 1

The Ministry of Culture is said to have forbidden the architects who work for the “Monuments Historiques” [state body in charge of preserving the architectural heritage of France] to give interviews on the subject of Notre-Dame.

Please click through to gates of Vienna for the rest of this important article.

Quite a bit more interesting with the added interview of the French architect…

…and the German craftsman:

And of course, Macron forbidding architects from speaking about the fire. (Looking for link)

Longer segment of the interview with the Architect:

Another video, blowtorch Vs. 300 year old Oak


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2 Replies to “Notre Dame: No Accident?”

  1. There is too much evidence for it to have been an accident:

    1) it started in more then one location

    2) no electricity in that area for a spark to have started the fire

    3) the videos about people on the tower and hte mysterious flash.

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