Macron’s commie tell

The idea that a Western nation with major accomplishments and a long history of classical thought and scientific discovery “Has no art and has no culture” has a uniquely communist/Marxist origin. It requires an entirely synthetic taxonomy which decides in advance that no group matters, therefore no group has culture or art, since the metric must be the oppressor and the oppressed.

These statements of Macron seem to be a kind of poker tell of what Macron actually thinks.

Much like Pierre Trudeau’s attack on Canadian culture when he was PM. He introduced the notion that Canada, in particular at that time, English Canada, had no real culture or history but that the people he was importing, who must have seen some advantage to Canada as opposed to their own ancestral homes, did for some reason have culture.

Probably based on the Noble Savage myth, itself a product of Marxist thought.

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  1. Macron and his ilk are like vampires, sucking out the life from Western culture while denying it even exists – if they had their way, it would not.

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