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15 Replies to ““Spying did occur” – Attorney General William Barr”

  1. Pelosi Freaks, Accuses Bill Barr of “Going Off the Rails” For Saying Obama Admin Spied on Trump

    The Democrats were caught off guard Wednesday when Attorney General Bill Barr said during a Senate hearing that he believes Trump’s campaign was spied on during the 2016 election.

    House Speaker Pelosi freaked and said Bill Barr “went off the rails” — for speaking the truth about Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ.

    “Let me just say how very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails yesterday and today,” Pelosi told reporters, according to The Hill.

    Bill Barr “is the attorney general of the United States of America, not the attorney general of Donald Trump.”

    Wow how clever, Pelosi!


    AP Interview: Pelosi says Barr undermines AG role

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t trust Attorney General William Barr, and she suggests his congressional testimony Wednesday undermines his independence as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

  2. The Dems are panicking about an honest fearless Attorney General is going to prove that the leaders of their party are criminals who are out to destroy the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  3. “Barack Obama’s Former White House Counsel Expects To Be Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges”
    by Matthew Boyle – April 10, 2019

    “Attorney General Barr Says Trump Campaign Was Spied On” by Petr Svab – April 10, 2019

  4. “Shocking Use of FISA by Obama’s FBI to Spy on Trump Campaign – Exclusive with Tony Shaffer”
    American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times
    Published on Feb 16, 2019

  5. Comey Plays Dumb After Bill Barr Drops Spying Allegation on Obama Admin, ‘Wow, I Have No Idea What Barr Meant’

    […]Leaker Comey played dumb and said he doesn’t know what Barr is talking about.

    “But I don’t know what he meant by that term — and factually I don’t know what he meant because I don’t know of any court-ordered electronic surveillance aimed at the Trump campaign and that’s the reason for my confusion,” Comey said.

    This will be the new narrative going forward by the Democrat-Deep State-Media complex – they will claim they did ‘everything by the book’ to protect us from the Russians.


    the hill – Comey: ‘I have no idea’ what Barr meant with ‘spying’ comment


    video :


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