Western world now mostly communist

Of all the events I see the ones that frighten me the most are these kinds of things.

That the Australian government officially believes in mob rule now instead of rule of law, and that there must only ever be one position allowed to be taken by any public figure on important issues. No nuances. No shades of grey. This is terrifying.

Parliament now feels that the man who attacked an Australian senator should face no charges because the parliament does not like what he said, should scare the living shit out of all of us.

Not that the above post is not scary enough, but a reader from Oz tells us in a comment that he cannot see this video in Australia.

An Australian, is forbidden from seeing a video of their own parliament in his own country.

Lets hope they can’t block bit.tube yet:


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  1. Oh $h!t, the organic animal byproduct is hitting the air circulatory system big time.

    Vlad I think it was early last month when we both said that things were happening that scream that it is all going to fall apart into violence some time this year. This is another data point on the collapse of civilization, the rule of law and any remote chance that still existed that we could find a peaceful solution to this mess. More and more influential people on the net are talking around the coming civil wars, they are trying to say they are the only way out of this mess without openly advocating for a civil war.

    My prayers are with all of you and I pray that you all remain safe during the coming kinetic chaos that the left has forced upon us.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

  2. Pure projection. As is so often the case.

    Every last accusation leveled against the Right Honorable Senator Fraser Anning (e.g., being disharmonious, promoting violence, etc.) are all misdeeds of the Left and ones that they are rapidly attempting to criminally immunize themselves from.

    Every last country on earth that has mixed governance which includes—or even just permits advocacy of—Socialistic tendencies is thereby under assault by Communism. These vicious moron bastards will not be happy until the entire world is brought low (i.e., down to Venezuelan standards)


    Instead—no matter how high the mountain of skulls—this planet will, as ever, will be treated to the eternal, plaintive wail of, “It just hasn’t been done right … yet!”

    Socialists, always just one more execution away from utopia.

    • “Socialists, always just one more execution away from utopia”

      Damn man! That is a T shirt!

      I may make one, or a hat or something out of that.

      Meanwhile I am trying to come up with a flag design for Airstrip One

      • Damn man! That is a T shirt!

        I calls ’em like I sees ’em. And agreed regarding the line of control apparel. I posted the following at VTB around Superbowl time:

        They’re always one execution away from utopia.

        — Alex Newman

        At the very least, it certainly appears as though Alfred had a far less Mad and much more worrisome brother.

        Days ago I sought to dig up the quote for other nefarious purposes and could not readily find it attributed to Monsieur Newman. The instant you park “Socialism” or “Collectivism” along side it in the search terms, the hits just keep on coming like top ten AM radio.

        A familiar name, both quite pleasing to the eye and making the most frequent appearance in tonight’s research is that of none other than Jordan Peterson.

        You may wish to contact him and see if he warrants authorial attribution. For all that this splendid chap’s been through, giving him one percent of the t-shirt profits would be a great starting point.

        Yes, t-shirts, coffee mugs, pins, nose rings … what-in-the-hell-ever transmits this meme is totally worth it. My only trepidation is whether to use Socialism or Collectivism as the prefix.

        Collectivism is the absolute most appropriate, in that it’s the umbrella beneath which all forms of Communalism shelter. Be that as it may, Socialism is far more au courant a referent (e.g., Venezuela) and infinitely more recognizable a data point for at least 50% of the target demographics.

        You’ve actively marketed to the Counterjihad more than I have, so do what you think’s best.

  3. Censored – Video unavailable here in Australia.

    I don’t have much to report from here because so much is being censored.

    I get the feeling that most people were not surprised about the Christchurch attack. I have had no animosity projected on me from people I know, only the Government and the Media. The media has gone into overdrive promoting islam and is isolating anyone who criticises it. Our television screens are pasted with positive images of scarf wearing muslims 24/7 and I think a significant portion of the population is getting fed up with it and are starting to see it as the propaganda.it always was.

    The best we can hope for here in Queensland is that the likes of Fraser Anning get re-elected. We have had some Qatari media influence operations against One Nation (Pauline Hanson) which have pretty much backfired because it was seen as an attack on Australia itself.

    Life goes on here, although only in mushroom status.

    This is the Far Lefts (watermelons) love on display:

  4. the guardian – Penny Wong calls out Fraser Anning as ‘shameful and pathetic’

    ‘Hate speech is inimical to democracy’, senator Penny Wong said while dismantling fellow senator Fraser Anning’s response to the recent massacre in Christchurch.

    ‘He [Senator Anning] blamed the horrific act of terror not on the extremist right-wing terrorist but on the victims of his evil acts.’

    The Queensland senator has been unrepentant about expressing his extreme views.

    In response, the Senate has been debating a motion to censure him.

    Senator Wong said, ‘this is not about the contest of ideas, this is about democratic principals.

    We can’t normalise hate speech through a contest of better ideas’

  5. On Tuesday 2 April 2019, Australia’s first female Muslim Senator, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, tabled Kate and Harris’ Change.org petitions condemning Senator Fraser Anning for his comments following the Christchurch terrorist attack. The petitions were signed by a record-breaking 1.4 million people.

    • Simon Birmingham is a traitor to anyone with more than a 100 IQ.

      This sanctimonious little shit is unworthy to lick Anning’s toilet bowl clean (no matter how much the smarmy prawn would enjoy it).

      • Correct, the perfect adjective for an otherwise useless man, truly an exemplar of the breed. With our system of compulsory voting using preferential distribution of votes it appears impossible to rid ourselves of these preselected fools. There appears to be an endless supply.
        Strangely we read in UK blogs the impossibility of using voluntary first past the post voting to get rid of the UK cousins.
        An international problem.
        We thought we were the people, we are disabused!

  6. Heroic Fraser Anning is the latest Man of the Hour. The Man (or woman) of the Hour arrives to the stage on the white stag named Truth rearing up with his rider atop. O, the hysteria, donned by the enemy at the sight of this beautiful beast. Hysteria donned hastily like a cheap party hat by Commies and Tards:

    Commies and Tards
    Commies and Tards
    Marching together like
    Lovers in arms
    Lovers in arms
    Clear as the bell
    That rings from Christchurch
    That Truth will be slayed
    And the rider besmirched.

  7. Islam cannot proceed apace WITHOUT the help from inside parliaments and gov’t in general. And since Islam’s goal is to subjugate all to it’s 7th century dictates, it would be at the minimum a charge of treason to enable Islam to get it’s program off the ground and embedded.

    Those in power KNOW it’s treason too which is why every effort is being made to repaint the past and cover up the present to change the future into something no one clearly voted for; the abolition of their own homeland to people who destroy homelands.

  8. What a Moron, not STANDING UP to Islam is a invitation for further Terror attacks by Muslims.
    Let’s face it, those guys do only what “Allah” commanded them to do, and that is the subjugation of the whole Planet under Islam/Sharia.
    And it doesn’t matter if you’re Nice to them or NOT, since you as a Kufar DO NOT MATTER.
    The Infidel Western World is living in the “House of War” and denying this fact is not going to change it.
    How come that such a bunch of limp wristed Losers can wriggle their way into places of Power?

  9. the guardian – ‘Allah yer’ham hom’: Pat Dodson gives moving tribute to Christchurch victims

    First Nations’ peoples in Australia know what it’s like to be powerless in the face of hateful prejudice’, Senator Pat Dodson said in solidarity with the Muslim community after the massacre of 50 men, women and children in two Christchurch mosques.

    The Labor senator said that Indigenous Australians have long experienced the ‘consequences of murderous prejudice’ that have been ’fanned by the illusion of superiority and the false courage created by a weapon in the hand of an oppressor’.

    The Yawuru man was speaking in favour of a motion condemning fellow Senator Fraser Anning who sought to blame to victims of the horrific crime and to vilify people on the basis of religion.

    Dodson had to fight back tears as he ended with words of support in both Arabic and M?ori

  10. … and their families.

    In a short sentence, Anning outlines the only viable plan for restabilization of invaded Western countries. Simultaneously, he will invite the very worst accusations of heartlessness and cruelty as he seeks to preserve his nation’s character and culture.

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