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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We muse use it while we can.

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  1. BBC pravda -Rare look at Myanmar military celebrations –

    Myanmar’s powerful generals have held a huge event to mark Armed Forces Day in the capital Naypyidaw.

    UN investigators have accused the military of committing genocide against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state.

    The BBC’s Myanmar Correspondent Nick Beake was able to get a rare look behind the scenes at the military’s celebrations.

  2. Pope criticizes building walls to keep migrants out (reuters, Mar 31, 2019)

    “Pope Francis said on Sunday that political leaders who want walls and other barriers to keep migrants out “will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build”.

    The pope made his comments to reporters aboard the plane returning from Morocco in response to a question about migration in general and about U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the southern border with Mexico.

    “Builders of walls, be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build,” he said.

    Francis, who did not mention Trump in his response, has sparred with the U.S. president before over migration, which was a theme of several questions on the plane as well as during the trip to Morocco.

    Trump has declared a national emergency to justify redirecting money earmarked for the military to pay for his promised U.S.-Mexico border wall.

    “I realize that with this problem (of migration), a government has a hot potato in its hands, but it must be resolved differently, humanely, not with razor wire,” the Argentine-born pope said on the plane.

    Addressing Moroccan leaders on Saturday, Francis said that problems of migration would never be resolved by physical barriers but instead required social justice and correcting the world’s economic imbalances.

    “With fear, we will not move forward, with walls, we will remain closed within these walls,” he said on Sunday.

    Besides the United States, migration has again risen to the fore of national political debates in a number of North African and European countries.

    On the plane, Francis repeated some of the key points of his views on migration.

    He said wealthy countries should help eliminate the root causes of migration such as poverty, war and political instability.

    Migrants should be accepted, protected and integrated and if a country cannot handle the numbers, the migrants should be distributed among other countries, he said.”

  3. With over 1.1 million pilgrims Pakistan tops countries in performing Umrah (tribune, Mar 31, 2019)

    “As many as 5,276,913 Umrah visas have been issued since the season started late October, according to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

    The ministry said Pakistan, with 1,129,965 pilgrims, topped all other countries in the number of the Umrah pilgrims, followed by Indonesia, which has sent 760,245 pilgrims, Saudi Gazette reported…”

    • “Father of the victim said that his, Syed Zain Ali a ninth grader, was on his way to coaching center when the accused, Ghayyur Haider approached him and attempted sodomy after taking him to his residence…”

  4. First Rohingya woman shot dead in Bangladesh drugs clampdown (dawn, Mar 31, 2019)

    “Bangladesh security forces have shot dead a Rohingya woman in a border town known as a gateway for smuggling meth pills from neighbouring Myanmar, officials said Sunday.

    Rights activists said Rumana Akter, 20, was the first Rohingya woman to be killed in a clampdown by Bangladesh authorities against the narcotics trade…”

  5. Boko Haram commander killed on Lake Chad island (aa, Mar 31, 2019)

    “A top Boko Haram commander and 15 other militants were killed by West African regional counterterrorism forces, according to a military spokesman.

    “In the ensuing firefight, Malloum Moussa, Boko Haram Commander, along with 15 of his men were neutralized,” army spokesman Timothy Antigha said in a statement Sunday night.

    Antigha said five gun trucks were also destroyed in the encounter in Kerenoa, an island around the Lake Chad.

    He said a woman whose relationship with the terrorists has yet to be ascertained was also apprehended.

    “Information gathered has revealed that Malloum Moussa who had one eye was a high ranking Boko Haram Commander who had jurisdiction in the entire southern islands, including Daban Masara, Kirta Wulgo and Koleram,” Antigha said.

    “He was notorious for imposing hefty levies on farmers, fishermen and cattle herders to fund Boko Haram terrorism and Insurgency in the locality,” he added.”

  6. UK ‘Did Little to Disrupt’ Gang Which Stole Billions, Funded bin Laden – Report (sputniknews, Mar 31, 2019)

    “While the criminals stole vast sums of money via elaborate fraud schemes, British tax authorities allegedly “did little to disrupt the network” for years.

    A criminal network based in the UK managed to steal billions of pounds worth of taxpayer money via fraudulent schemes and used a portion of these gains to help fund al-Qaeda* in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Sunday Times reports citing police and intelligence documents.

    The criminals were able to steal “an estimated £8bn in public money alone” (over $10 billion), with 1 per cent of the funds going to terrorists.

    The money was reportedly procured via “VAT and benefit frauds against the exchequer”, along with “mortgage and credit card fraud targeting banks and individuals”.

    According to the newspaper, the gang was also associated with one of the perpetrators of the 7 July 2005 London bombings which claimed the lives of 52 and left over 700 injured.

    As the Daily Mail points out, the British authorities became aware of the gang’s activities back in 1995, with the resulting four-year investigation by the Inland Revenue concluding that the criminals were using “a network of factories and companies and exploiting their workers for identity and benefit frauds, the sale of counterfeit goods, car crash scams and mortgage and credit card frauds.”

    The newspaper also notes that the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and other agencies “did little to disrupt the network” for years, with requests by at least four HMRC officers to launch prosecutions being denied by their bosses “due to their complicated nature and a lack of resources”.

    Furthermore, an internal HMRC report cited by the newspaper said that “there are numerous [gang] members involved in think tanks and business forums which bring them into contact with senior British politicians”, with one gang member being seen “shoulder to shoulder with Tony Blair on at least two occasions following the war in Iraq”.

    HMRC, however, insisted that the agency “can, has always, and does pass information (within minutes if necessary) to other law enforcement agencies and the intelligence services when dealing with serious crime or terrorism”.

    “HMRC takes its critical role in the fight against serious organised crime and terrorism very seriously. We work side-by-side with the intelligence services, law enforcement partners, and across Government, to break up criminal gangs and disrupt terror funding”, a HMRC spokesman told the Daily Mail.

    *Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organisation outlawed in Russia.”

    • Just allow the wogs to steal 8billion over 24 years and you still take organised crime very seriously?yet you did nothing?someone is lieing.

  7. At Least 4 Terrorists Killed in Jammu and Kashmir Region Skirmish – Report (sputniknews, apr 1, 2019)

    “According to reports, at least 4 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorrist were killed in encounter with Indian security forces early Monday.

    The clashes between security forces and Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorrist occured in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir region early Monday, according to India TV. The exchange of fire broke out in Lassipora area of the district, News Nation reported.

    As a result of the skirmish 2 AK rifles, 1 SLR and 1 pistol was recovered from the alleged terrorists.

    The area was cordoned off upon receiving information about the presence of militants in the area, according to News Nation…”

  8. Alleged UK Spy ‘Osama bin Bieber’ Who Joined Daesh Executed by Terror Group (sputniknews, Apr 1, 2019)

    “The young man allegedly gave away the location of a senior Daesh recruiter who has subsequently been killed in a coalition drone strike.

    Mohammed Ismail, a UK teenager of Iraqi Kurdish extraction, who joined Daesh when he was only 18, was executed by the terror group in 2016 after Daesh suspected him of being a spy, The Sunday Times reported 31 March. This is the first known Daesh execution of a suspected British spy, according to The Sun.

    Ismail left his home country in 2014 to join Daesh ranks. His friends, who nicknamed “Osama bin Bieber” due to his youthful appearance, said he had some Islamist views at college.

    He is believed to have been fighting for Daesh in Syria, where he was injured and subsequently assigned the job of Daesh police officer.

    The young man got the terror group’s attention after the assassination of Nasser Muthana, a senior Daesh recruiter from the UK’s Cardiff. Muthana was killed in a drone strike in Mosul, and it is believed it was Ismail who gave away his location to Western intelligence services.

    “They did an interrogation with him,” an unnamed member of the Daesh security apparatus told The Sunday Times. “He confessed everything. And then they killed him.”

    According to the unnamed Daesh member, the interrogation was filmed on video, along with the execution. The way Ismail was executed is undisclosed.

    A source close to one of Ismail’s friends who joined him in Syria, said Ismail got “radicalized” in just 15 days.

    “Three weeks before he joined the jihad, he was nightclubbing in Coventry,” the source said, according to The Sun.

    Daesh is a terror group outlawed in Russia and a number of other countries.”

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