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8 Replies to “Ex CIA D. Brennan, “in over his head, should not be taken seriously””

  1. “How does a guy like that run the CIA?” Tucker Carlson


    “Obama’s Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder”
    by Pamela Geller – July 23, 2012

    “Intel Operative who Altered Obama’s Passport Records Turned FBI Informant on Boss John Brennan, Then Turned Up Murdered in D.C.” True Pundit Update – July 18, 2018

    • @NR
      You are tech savvy enough to explain how unlikely it is that no back-up passport records exist. Who is the State Dept kidding?
      If there were questions about my identity, I would to make sure that my passport records were in sync with my birth certificate, on which they were based. Or if somehow, I had two different passports in my name, I would want one to go away! Who cares where a 19-year old travelled, so long as he wasn’t arrested abroad and came home in one piece?

  2. Obama’s background remains murky. I believe he was put in place by enemies of the US. Scary thought, but I hope the truth comes out.

  3. “…the default assumption…”

    America the beautiful.

    The false gravitas of pinko poseurs has caught us all at some point. Was it in The Metamorphosis where it is written that all bureaucracy is the same no matter the time or place? Imagine the state of your nation when a fool like this can run the CIA. The United States is the most dynamic, talented nation in the history of the world, but she is being attacked from within and without on every level. She dropped her guard back when Joe MaCarthy was trying to keep it up. Now she deals with a domestic rot so pervasive that only draconian measures are merited: demoralization, the new opium (opioid) war exported by Red China to the U.S., immigration, tards, debt, hard currency reform, and on.

    For many years I have sat watching America the beautiful from her northern border wall like a kid, my feet dangling over the edge, always amazed.

    You got your President Trump because you still deserve greatness, just as we got what we deserved. Look at other countries’ leaders. They don’t to be geniuses. They do have to be tough, streetsmart, and know right from wrong. Greatness is a rare-earth commodity. –And your guy hangs by the skin of his teeth.

    I’m sick and tired of watching the likes of Red China and their scumbag thieving apparatchiks, as well as a good many people in the West, talk about Asia rising. That’s like saying John Brennan ascended to CIA boss because of superior intelligence. Asian superiority? Really? I wonder how many arse-kissing John Brennans have slid on bullshit to the high ranks of the Red Chinese government? My point is that central planning is a stack of cards. Its weakness will always be in trying to manage a complex system. The American Way of faith and responsibility in the individual, backed by free enterprise, is an immeasurably stronger architecture.

    The U.S. must first project power within by cleaning up this mess. I know, easier said than done, but she has no choice.

    • We are doing our best to clean up the mess, the thing to remember is that the US will always wait until the last minute before we act. We do this because we like to think that our problems can be solved without a lot of heavy lifting. Once it becomes clear we have to move we do, Trump has been waiting until after the witch hunt was over, now (according to reports from people who are normally right) he has turned the hunting pack loose with orders to catch the bad guys.

      Trump hasn’t made many mistakes so far so he deserves our trust.

      I am sure that he knows that if he doesn’t move we are destroyed but when his moves become public a civil war starts.

      We can win the civil war and keep freedom alive, we can’t survive if we don’t fight back.

  4. Brennan the Marxist Moslem,
    Brennan, the Obama lackey and failed assassin of the elected president Donald Trump. Travelled the world with his sidekick, clueless Clapper, to go on any TV station that would have him, to vilify the president, Donald Trump.

    This subversive POS needs to pay the price for treason and for engaging in a coup d’etat to dislodge the legitimate POTUS.

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