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5 Replies to “2011 ‘Streeter’ interview with the Turk who murdered many and wounded many more un Utrecht today in The Netherlands”

  1. Jihad Watch Robert Spencer posted a link (defective – same story as the Manifesto) where the guy had been previously detained for links to terror groups.

    • That’s most probably his brother Bilal. Info from Turkish-Dutch (ex) vlogger Alptekin Akdogan, who knows this community well:
      Bilal is a member of the Cemaleddin Kaplan sect, also called Kaplancilar (Caliphate state).
      It’s proscribed in Turkey. The son of founder Cemaleddin Kaplan, Metin Kaplan, is in jail in Turkey for high treason.
      Kaplancilar are anti-imperialist, anti-democratic, hate Erdogan, hate Ataturk. Officially they ceased to exist, but there’s a small underground group of followers.

      In Dutch:

    • Apparently the claim about this guy’s Chechnya / ISIS connection has been retracted by the BBC.
      Just read that Bilal is a cabbie. His Kaplancilar fanaticism influenced his brother, though he didn’t exactly live up to their standards. Cocaine-use is very much not done in those circles, nor is alcohol (goes withotu saying).

  2. Well, this is interesting.
    This Kaplan movement, which I’d never heard of, has been active in the Netherlands for a while. One Irfan D., the “Khomeini of Tilburg” was sentenced to 7.5 years in the US for financial support for IS. In dutch:

    You can’t make this stuff up:
    From a half-burned down mosque, wheelchair-bound Irfan D. led “Tevhidi Muesluemanlar Cemaati”, the Dutch branch of Kaplan, consisting of 50 men.
    He raised almost 400k EU for an IS-allied group in Uzbekistan and recruited fighters. He served time in France, was arrested in Germany and renditioned to the US.

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