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11 Replies to “ANTIFA show their class trying to stop classical German women from speaking on Women’s Day in Frankfurt”

  1. Give me 40 riot trained stick happy MPs and antifa would be running like little girls.

    Germany has passed the point where they can solve their problems peacefully, the only recourse the people have is to rebel and then arrest all of the criminals who are currently in charge. This time as was the case the last time “I was just obeying orders” won’t be a valid excuse.

  2. Wow, gruelling to watch. I admire Heidi and her friends for dishing it out despite the sheer hatred they encounter. The absolute lunacy of the Left is clearly evident, people who actually want a noose around their necks! Heterosexual monogamy seems to especially enrage them.

  3. These people are trained and paid. Find whomever is organizing this (guesses are for fools and fuck heads), and you’ll save the West.

  4. Do you know where this took place? Berlin? Thank you in advance, I have friends in Hamburg and I worry for their safety.

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