Notice how long the host allows this caller to abuse Merkel

Warning: Frequent use of ****


It looks like we got fooled on this one.

Here is the source on this one:

Below is a video which seems to show this same caller shouting this abuse which was then edited in to this video. So we got punked on this one. Still funny, but not meaningful.

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6 Replies to “Notice how long the host allows this caller to abuse Merkel”

  1. Merkel looks like a tired old hag. She should be thrilled. She has destroyed Germany. It is funny that the slam went on so long.

  2. That’s what she deserves from Germans, she betrayed and destroyed Germany and whole Western Europe, get Her out finally!!!

  3. I don’t know what to make of Merkel. She has done so much damage to Germany that it is almost pointless being angry with her. Is she insane? Is she under the influence of the enemy? Who knows? Why would anyone think it was a good idea to bring millions of Sunni Muslim fighting-age men into their country for no reason whatsoever? She leaves me speechless. There is simply nothing to say…

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