Tommy Robinson’s PanoDrama

I have not seen this yet, nor do I have an opinion on this data-rich and complex matter other than I know the BBC lies and always lies to the advantage of one side of the equation. Just like Canada’s disgusting Postmodern force-funded by the public, CBC does.

I also know that social media used to offer people a chance at a voice. To be able to “pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel” in defiance of Mark Twain’s famous quote.

And now Youtube, Facebook, Twitter have all become just as corrupt as main stream media but less honestly. They will shadow ban you and otherwise let you think you are being treated fairly while suppressing your voice without an explanation or warning and outside of their own rules.

And when that doesn’t work, they will shut you down as they did to Tommy Robinson for whatever reason, and to our amazing team for unspecified violations of community standards for subtitled videos that exist still on a dozen other channels.

So here is the documentary Tommy Robinson did, good or bad, right or wrong, its unconscionable that Youtube shut it down.

If someone is aware of a Tommy Robinson channel this is on please post the link in the comments and I will replace this embed with his.

Tommy Robinson’s Youtube Channel

His embed:


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  1. The fake-text sting prepared at 15 minutes in the video and revealed at 52.29 minutes.

    (Tommy had used a fake text message site to send to a disgruntled ex-employee of his who had been invited to be interviewed by Panorama, to find out the dirt on him. “Take Tommy Down” as a project title does indicate the motivation of the Panorama team. I also assume the ex-employee was in love with Tommy who had rejected her, to tattoo his prison number on her wrist).

    My observations of John Sweeney is of a clever journalist to go into the language and venacular of the Far Far Right – National Socialists being the reactionaries created by the stranglehold Communism – and tempt her to join in with his prejudices. The techniques of a Marxist cold war spy in order to find the evidence for blackmail.

    Johns excuses therefore, I would rather have heard, to probe deeper into this Establishment Code, than him just being denounced by Tommy as a Class War Traitor. I wanted to hear his master’s voive.

    • Good thoughts PC.
      I haven’t made it to the end yet, but I found Tommy’s grilling of the Panorama host to be for the most part, very unfair in EXACTLY the way BBC, CBC, CNN and all other communist and islamophelic narrative driven central controlled media is.

      So had I been a judge viewing this, I would have thrown nearly all of it out. But as an observer I did experience some Schadenfreude seeing him squirm for unfair charges the way everyone else in the world has to under his lens.

      The one point that was truly meaningful, at least for me so far, was when he was busted for using “Asian” when everyone knows he meant “muslim” when it comes do dogs in vehicles driven by Muslims. It is NOT Chinese, Japanese, Koreans or Hindus that will refuse to take a dog it is muslims each and every time, even though it is illegal to refuse a service dog for taxi or bus drivers, but they choose sharia over law every time.

      The fact that this BBC presenter insisted on carrying the establishment party line of making it actually about race when it is about a code of conduct called Islam., was satisfying as hell to me.

      I need to see it all once or twice to see what I think of the whole thing. There is a lot to consider.

      But the BBC, CBC and CNN and other legacy-narrative centrally distributed media like that must go. Democracy cannot survive government controlled media. In fact just its existence puts into question whether or not a democracy is in place.

  2. One must realize that both Facebook and Twitter are controlled by Moslems. MeWe and are the avenues for free speech now.

  3. I think the piece, though revealing, didn’t cover enough of the HNH/BBC coalition (which I am sure exists). John Sweeney talked about being thrown to the dogs, probably referring to when he last got into trouble for screaming at the top of his voice (at scientologists, I think). But here he is working on Panorama! The guy is obviously a pompous piss artist who should be dumped.

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