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21 Replies to “Jihadi of Islamic State wants “mercy” from the people she swore to kill”

  1. Jihadi of Islamic State wants “mercy” from the people she swore to kill

    I’ve got Shamima Begum’s “mercy” Right. Here.

    By the time I’m through with her (strictly on a grudge basis, mind you), she’ll be begging for a whole lot more of that “mercy”.

  2. ISIS put out videos that showed most clearly that they committed horrific crimes against humanity on a regular basis and these people joined up knowing that. They joined up because they wanted to torture people and commit acts of unthinkable brutality so there is no possible, “I was just following orders” excuse that can be given. They think murder is funny. Big laugh Islamic laugh…

    This girl and anyone else who joined ISIS in order to have the fun of torturing people should be tried and then summarily hanged by the neck until dead, not twelve years from now after a dozen appeals but right effing now! In public! Let’s all have a good laugh as we watch her little feet pedal back and forth as she fights for her last breath. I need a good laugh. Hey, maybe her mother and father will be there and I can get another laugh watching them cry for their psychopathic murdering daughter…as long as she is charged for the rope. Nobody likes a good laugh like I do. “Oh, my little daughter… boo hoo hoo… Don’t hang my little murdering scumbag war criminal, I love her so… boo hoo hoo”…

    • Eye-corners dabbing at I am. [/first-ever Yodaspeak]

      Let’s all have a good laugh as we watch her little feet pedal back and forth as she fights for her last breath. I need a good laugh.

      As someone who has ridden centuries (i.e. 100 milers), and built classic road bikes, that scrumptious little morsel of cycling imagery got a gut larf. I say let’s foster a spirit of healthy competition and have entire peletons of these twinkle toes sprinting away in some make-believe Tour de (Lyncher’s) Prance.

      Be that as it may, there’s more important matters at hand.

      First off, Chris Jones, bravo for a ripping fine bit of properly indignant polemics. Everyone within electronic hailing distance needs deserves to hear an articulate somebody give an inbred royal shite about this sub-moronic treachery.

      Equally important is never being ashamed of the moral outrage going on. Any lack of it would be infinitely more disturbing (in a most ovine sense).

      Enduring the humiliation of civilized spectators gloating unashamedly over the misery of attendant gamete donors should be the very last worry of those who spawn such sub-primate filth.

      Far worse*, expecting scrotally endowed Englanders to go schtum and not take the Queen’s own Piss™ about it makes a body wonder if these arrogant Lords of Social Engineering™ even realize how urgently they summon up the shade of Guy Fawkes.

      * As in: Bunt-faced barrister, Tasnime Akunjee, wiping his feet on the memory of all WWI UK vets, whilst earlier blaming British authorities for “creating” Lee Rigby’s killer (i.e., the victim caused it) and suggesting Prime Minister May’s got ‘Nazi blood’ for going after extremists even as this slime-mould urges Muslims not to cooperate with authorities. He’s been doing this for YEARS.

      Anyhoo, mega-great rant and, for the sake of everyone’s health (including that of your own writer’s ego), please throw a lot more of these electron-stained tantrums talented tirades over the fence as sorghum stenches* dictate.

      * Insanely arcane reference to that ne plus ultra of modern windtalking, the Anguish Languish.

      Wants pawn term dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder inner ladle cordage honor itch offer lodge, dock, florist. Disk ladle gull orphan worry putty ladle rat cluck wetter ladle rat hut, an fur disk raisin pimple colder Ladle Rat Rotten Hut.

      Now … tell us how you really feel, Chrisl.

  3. This is indicative of just how weak muslims perceive the west to be: she really expects the leftist human rights machinery as well as the oil /welfare/jizya etc. funded local islamist lawyers to go to work and wangle her admission to the UK where she can continue her jihad. The absolute arrogance of this is only balanced by the lunacy of those in the UK who see her admission as her “human” right. In my world her only deserved human right would be to receive Genickschuss (patented by the soviets in Russia I add) instead of hanging

    • “she really expects the leftist human rights machinery as well as the oil /welfare/jizya etc. funded local islamist lawyers to go to work and wangle her admission to the UK where she can continue her jihad.”

      And the sad, pathetic, tragic thing is … she’s probably right in her assessment: she will end up being allowed back to leech off the society and civilization for which she has nothing but hatred and contempt.

  4. If I understood correctly, she said it would take ten years to develop her critical thinking capabilities. Now, think about it. Through my experience, when I pointed out to Muslims that were in my close environment certain issues about their ideology, they refused to listen or went into a full-blown rage.

  5. She needs to die slowly video it like they do and send the video to the middle east with the narrator stating that such is the fate of traitors

  6. The west should breathe a sigh of relief if it became known that madam Begum had been staring a moment too long into the business-end of a gun or met with hangmans daughter , and rightly so . And rather than taking back 800 or so isis”fighters” ( murderous bastards , really) as Trump suggests , the identities of those should be made known to willing and able armed personel in the region , to ensure that none of them made it past a few miles from the camps where they are held , if or when they are released . Civilized countries don’t need that varmint and i don’t give a rats ass about “human superpower” Sweden’s aproach to reintegrate that plague into society .

    • … rather than taking back 800 or so isis ”fighters” (murderous bastards , really) as Trump suggests…

      Is it just me, or is Trump purposefully overegging the rapefugee migrant situation? Maybe he’s doing it to force EU scheisskopfs to officially decree whether or not they support intentionally infecting their societies with murderous terrorist scum. Hmmm?

      The Continent’s Communist claque are long overdue for some disinfecting sunlight. If Trump can overcome his lunatic Globalism just long enough, the lot of those Socialist wonks would be put to serious shame.

  7. The Home Secretary has revoked her British citizenship. However, I’m not certain he has the right to do that. Definitely a popular decision.

    • Definitely a popular decision.

      If Sajid Javid wants to remain “popular” for another millisecond—and stay unpopular with a length of hemp—he’d damn well better keep proving that he’s not just another pretty face crypto-jihadist farting through Saville Row silk.

    • Nothing new there. As soon as the warlord gained power the indoctrination of children became the norm…just look at the h/o the janissaries and from where and why do you think Ignola gained his methods(not to mention Lenin and Hitler)?

  8. Macer Gifford @macergifford
    Macer Gifford Retweeted Nori Yazidi

    Another harrowing story about the treatment of the Yazidi community.

    Let’s be clear, ISIS recruits from the West are not victims. The real victims are the men, women and children butchered by ISIS.
    Nori Yazidi @Nori_Yazidi

    A #Yazidi woman says #ISIS killed my husband, raped my #daughters in front of my eyes, they #killed my little son and feed his #meat.I did not know that only after overdue. Where a member of ISIS told me that meat you were eating,It was your son’s meat.


    • Let’s be clear, ISIS recruits from the West are not victims.

      Those retrograde sub-morons who are capable of departing a Western paradise in order to go and restore Iron Age deprivations upon unwilling people comprise the very dregs of pretend-hominid scum.

      They damn well know what they’re doing and what the hell is being destroyed: Be it human lives, painstakingly scraped together livelihoods and farms, or irreplaceable cultural treasures (e.g., Palmyra), these vicious swine tip them all willy-nilly into the Islamic oubliette.

      Again, they KNOW better than most exactly what they’re doing and—from amongst this entire hellish cast and crew—can lay claim to ignorance the very least of all. Summary execution is way too good for their ilk.

  9. @sfrantzman

    I can never forget how people used social media to brag about selling slaves, how I was sitting in Jerusalem watching videos of the horrors of Camp Speicher. I remember it. And these were extremists from the West “liking” it. Remember. Never forget. #ISIScrimes

    In 2014 when ISIS was rising there were thousands, apparently hundreds of thousands, of social media accounts, many in English spouting the most hateful extremist views. This fueled the support. I remember it. I remember this so clearly like it was yesterday.

    Exactly, we need to remember that too many extremists found a home in Europe, were not confronted, exploited “free speech” laws and Orientalist views that coddled them, raised a generation of extremists…and that fueled groups like ISIS also, #ISIScrimes #AfterISIS

    • They positioned themselves knowingly outside any civilized context and must expect to be processed accordingly ; kind of a risk that comes with the “job” , really…

  10. Hmm, it is interesting that suddenly ISIS women who left their countries want to come back.
    Brides from UK, from Canada (Canadian ‘ISIS bride’ in Syria: ‘I should be allowed to go home’. February 18, 2019, CTV),
    from USA (Alabama woman who joined ISIS is begging to come home, February 20, 2019 CNN ) , ( Bride of slain Australian ISIS fighter wants to be allowed back to the US
    SBS com, 3 HOURS AGO)
    from France https://actu.orange.fr/monde/videos/syrie-entretien-avec-deux-femmes-francaises-qui-ont-fui-l-ei-CNT000001d2f7U.html
    all “made mistake” and “were young” and “want to come home”.

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