A fascinating bit of logic

Bradley Smith

Interesting fact I’m trying to wrap my head around: The Quebec pension fund owns the majority of the SNC Lavalin shares and one of the biggest clients of SNC Lavalin is Saudi Arabia. Now I’m beginning to understand why Quebec is against the Energy East Pipeline and why Saudi Oil is exempted from Carbon Tax and why Trudeau has such a big stake in these matters. What’s next? Energy West Pipeline to move Saudi oil to the West???
Somebody owns Trudeau & Quebec and they’re not doing a very good job if little ole me can figure this out.

From this Facebook Post:


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    Many so-called conservatives wish Wilson-Raybould would leave the Liberal caucus and join the CPC. It doesn’t seem to bother these people that no matter how badly the former AG was treated or how ethical she is, she is on the far left of the Liberal Party and has no business in a party that bills itself as conservative. Trudeau doesn’t have much in his head but he seems to be in the head of a lot of Canadians. If the PM was to resign and be replaced by someone like Wilson-Raybould, the Liberals will be re-elected with another majority. In order to get rid of the Liberals, Justin needs to stay right where he is until October. Arthur Weinreb

  2. Does this Saudi infiltration help explain the logo on the T4A CRA document….if you’re a pensioner….check out the logo on the top right corner…..then google….’Halal certification symbols.” Find it? It’s there!

  3. Very interesting indeed . . . The truth will eventually come out and Trudeau hopefully will have to pay the piper. Either way, I think he and his ilks are done comes the next election.

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