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9 Replies to “For those that equate muslims with Nazis….”

  1. The only people who know about the “Palestinian” involvement with the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem are conservatives like us. As far as the mainstream is concerned it is a tree falling in the forest that was not heard and therefore did not fall. Nothing to see here, folks, move along…

  2. The progressive/Leftist movement has tried to erase its links to the nazi party but, the truth is still hiding in the corner. The nazi looked at the American Democrat party inspired Indian Removal Acts and segregation acts for inspiration and many times used them word for word. The indian reservation system gave rise to Jewish Ghettos, the Negro Segregation laws gave rise to the Jewish Dispossesson laws separating jews from thier land and wealth.
    The fact that the DNC has dropped the veil and embraced marxisim, islam and overt antisemitism is frankly alarming to me. It means that they think they are ready to grasp total power no matter what.

    • The Ghettos were around before the US was formed, the rest of what you are saying is historically correct. Our side can’t afford to make claims that are wrong the left will use that to discredit all that we say.

      • True, Jewish Ghettos were around before America, i was refering to the nazis herding jews into ghettos like the democrat inspired policy of herding the Native American tribes onto Reservations to be starved and infected with diseased blankets.
        If telling the truth about the nazis emulating democrat policy will give democrats talking points against decent Americans telling the truth then i missed something.

    • The fact that the DNC has dropped the veil and embraced marxisim, islam and overt antisemitism is frankly alarming to me.

      It takes my breath away.

      I grew up around a lot of military, so “Better dead than red!” meant something. Like a pinned-up sleeve where the arm was lost in Korea. The Soviet Union was a gulag for refuseniks.

  3. The man in the white Burger King head piece reviewing the troops was Hajj Amin al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who spent the war years as Hitler’s guest in Berlin. He helped organize the Bosnian Muslim SS division and made radio broadcasts from Berlin to the Middle East urging his followers to drive out the Jews. He was held briefly by the French after the war, but, alas, they flew him back to the Middle East as a free man.

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