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4 Replies to “French police appear to be nearly randomly hurling ordnance at groups of French citizens”

  1. The first video is quite obvious. They arrive in helmeted gangs on motorcycles, lob weaponry here and there on non-rebellious citizens, and leave. They are no better than criminal gangs except those they attack pay their salaries.

    These officers clearly have no soul. It must be very frustrating for the citizens.

    • Crowd dispersal tactics, doing that at random means that non of the protesters can feel safe. The idea of no sanctuary is a common anti guerilla tactic being used in France in the hopes of stopping the rebellion before the rebels turn violent. It and the brutal tactic of aming the rubber bullets at the head might have broken the back of the protests if they had been used from the beginning. Now not a chance.

  2. As I said above the police are using routine crowd dispersal tactics, depending on which side you support they are either being too brutal or not brutal enough. If they had started using this level of brutality early on (first or second protest) they would have stood a chance of breaking the protesters will to resist. Using a gradual escalation of force over this long a time they have given the protesters time to get angry enough that the brutality won’t scare them.

    The protesters are using what I would call routine harassment tactics, while there are some incidents of violence (Molotov cocktails thrown at police) they are staying semi peaceful and are counting on the new media to get the message out about the brutality of the police. Right now the protesters strategy and tactics are superior to the police strategy and tactics, of course the protesters don’t have Macron giving them orders.

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