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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on the use of selective enforcement as the tool of tyrants in the Stone arrest”

  1. If the arrest of Roger Stone is a template, there will be at least 200 FBI storm troopers, Apache helicopter gunships in close support, with CNN cameras mounted on the gun turrets to arrest say Hilary Clinton.

    Maybe a 1000 FBI storm troopers to arrest Nick Sandmann holed up in fortress Covington Catholic school for Boys.

    • You are talking as if there is justice and proportionality. There is neither. There is the abuse of process by the deep state in a selective-enforcement operation to return power to the new coalition of deep-state and crony capitalists that some refer to as, ‘Neo-cons’, although I personally believe that is a misuse of the term.

      • The US is a Third World country, most people don’t understand this because the Propaganda Media is covering for the Deep State and the vast majority of the people haven’t (yet) either run afoul of the modern police state or had a friend that has run afoul of the police state. The vast majority of the people don’t realize who far from a free nation we have drifted.

        These actions along with the arrogant actions of the Dems over the Wall and the Shut Down show that we no longer have a government that is interested in protecting the rights of the people but is instead interested in gathering more and more power into their hands. We are rapidly approaching the time when we must decide if we are going to rebel or live as slaves of a Dictatorship.

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