Update on Afghan who stabbed refugee worker to death 6 times in heart

Afghan who stabbed refugee aid worker to death in Germany is cleared after court hears it was self-defence

An Afghan who stabbed a refugee aid worker to death in Germany has walked free from court after judges ruled he had acted in self-defence. 

The 18-year-old defendant, named as Seyed M., was accused of manslaughter after 20-year-old Jose M. died in a park in Ochtrup, north-west Germany, last May in a row about a girl. 


Prosecutors at the court in Münster had demanded a three-year jail sentence but judges ruled Seyed had been defending himself, Bild reported. 

The court heard Jose had put the Afghan in a headlock and punched him in the face, and that Seyed had initially tried to defend himself more ‘mildly’ with a glass bottle.  

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13 Replies to “Update on Afghan who stabbed refugee worker to death 6 times in heart”

  1. That creased face doesn’t look like any “minor” to me!

    The next time this terrorist kills, the victim’s estate should sue the judge to hell.

  2. I told this to my Congressman’s rep and I’ll tell it to you. 22 years ago we bought our way out of the situation with illegal immigration in Southern California. My husband and I both saw the writing on the wall that we would not be able to educate our children and that our environment would continue to deteriorate.
    We made an unprecedented move, much to our friends astonishment, diagonally across the continent to escape the chaos and provide our children with an education in a school district that would actually teach them something.
    I recall at the time continually looking at stats of the % of children on “free lunch” as an indicator of the makeup of the school districts. I turned out to be correct and managed to shield my children from the pathologies of illegal immigration and the destruction it causes to communities. If that destruction is now turned up to 11, it was probably at 5 when we decided to bail.
    I have two questions for this very heart broken woman and her crying husband; what were you thinking when you ALLOWED your son to be a migrant aide worker? Had it been me, even 22 years ago, I would have been bat shit crazy and done everything I could possibly do (no emotional trick would have been below me) to stop it. And 2, what are you going to do now that you know your gov’t couldn’t care less about your son or your family? Are you going to march with the AfD or Pegida? Are you going to do anything, including stuff envelopes, to stop this insanity? Other than feeling terribly sorry for yourself, what are you going to do now?

    • In three years he will be 21, an adult. Most nations turn Juvi criminals loose on their 21st Birthday unless they were tried as an adult.

  3. “The 18-year-old defendant, named as Seyed M., was accused of manslaughter after 20-year-old Jose M. died in a park in Ochtrup, north-west Germany, last May in a row about a girl.”

    “In a row about a girl”? Is that misleading? Would the “average reader” reflexively take that to mean that two guys were arguing/rowing about “their claim to the girl” or something like that? The Afghan – how surprising – had been HARASSING the girl. The German went to her defence.

    The whole thing is disgusting: the music in the “Bild” video; the prosecutors’ demand for three years’ jail time; the obvious fact that the killer is older than that – just look at the photo (not the ridiculously pixelled-out one seen above) of the portly, bearded young man.
    And carrying and using a knife after first using a broken bottle is now OK in Germany?


  4. More of a reason to strike down the PRIMARY enemy: the Left and especially its ambulance chasing, “human rights”, cultural traitor lawyers. UNTIL the Left’s control of the Law and of law societies is ended NOTHING will change and more of the same just will prove that the above is commonplace across the west. Remember law was NOT designed to produce justice as that was and is an accidental by-product at best Law was designed to entrench the elite (order) and to allow them to hang you if you disagreed. So maybe retribution should be sought elsewhere. Perhaps someone should help crowdfund 10,000 $US so that the family can obtain REAL justice exclusive of Leftist law.

  5. Oliver Flesch mande an Interview in youtube with his Mother.
    He was not a Refugge Worker-he just helped Refugees in his free time…and then he wanted to help a girl.
    ALso the Mother sayed a doctor sayed he must be older,and now he wrote again to the girl who is only 13 or 14!

    Also the Judge sayed its allowed to carry this knife,thats A LIE!
    Its only allowed up to 12cm(a knife with a blade that came out from the side only allowed up to 7,5 cm).

    Big knifes are only allowed if you need it for work,if not you must carry them in a box or something.

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