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3 Replies to “Sweden’s Deputy PM and Foreign Minister makes her allegiance very clear”

  1. “The government has the greatest respect for Islam”, eh?
    With those eight words, this blind and ignorant fool condemns herself and her government.

    Sweden, please go soon (and close the door on the way out). Your rapid demise might just (?????) help the rest of the western European public to stay awake for long enough to do something about their impending demise.

    P.S. A country whose courts sentence gang rapists of children to four months’ in some kind of juvenile “prison” doesn’t deserve to exist. I mean it.

  2. The term long term Survival of the Fittest for Swedish Adults comes to mind. Sweden is in play as one of the early sinking ships in Western Europe country’s to totally fall to radical Islam. It’s almost too late to turn the ship around – and the keen observing, wise, critical thinking native Swedish should prep & gear up for civil war or…..get out of the country. No County can withstand long term internal destruction from within – by its own politicians &globalist “leaders” which have sold out the country. Like the song goes:
    “Just slip by out the back, Jack, Make a new plan Stan, You don’t need to be coy Roy, Just get yourself free. Hop on the bus Gus, and get yourself free”.

    • You have called it right, civil war or move to some place that is safer. Hungry and Poland spring to mind as the closest safe places but if you move to them be prepared to join their military to fight for survival. Of course any place you move to will end up fighting for its survival.

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