Today only: Full movie: Killing Free Speech: (The Canadian version)

Film maker Michael Hanson, is allowing us to show the Canadian version of his excellent film, Killing Free Speech, a kind of sequel to his movie, Killing Europe, which was banned from the Ottawa Public Library at the last minute by leftist activists including Antifa, accused election fraudster, Tim Tierney, then city councillor and head of the library board, and SJW lawyer Richard Warman. The details of that will be made clear in this movie.

Please enjoy and spread the link to all who may benefit from seeing it. This is a one day only showing of the film and exclusively at this website, and Gates of Vienna.

A Happy New Year to all who click this site!

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    • Happy thankful New Year Jonnyu and all who have enlightened and shared to free the slaves and protect the innocent and made ignorant from these slaves.

      The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Wise a a serpent, gentle as a dove.

  1. He’s right, we’re only ten years behind. A few years ago it was twenty, now it’s ten. Freedom of speech spiraling downward at warp speed.

    Our only hope is Maxime Bernier @PPC Party. He most probably won’t win but he’ll be a serious contender and possibly win in 2023.

    Regardless, in 2019, Scheer will not protect our Freedom of Speech and he is in bed with identity politics. The same game as Justin.

    • 2023 is too late, 4 more years of Trudeau will do irreversible damage to Canada. Bad idea to split the conservative vote, need all conservatives to get behind Scheer and worry about Bernier and 2023 after the 2019 election.

      • The way my fantasy works, is that Bernier gets so much support that Scheer gets back on track and sets up a mechanism so that he has to live up to conservative principles, and the party un-fractures. I don’t think Scheer as he is will be any better than Trudeau. I think he is Macron to Trudeau’s Merkel. Bernier could make it work and remember, Scheer stole the leadership from Bernier who rightfully won.

      • I agree with Eeyore on everything he wrote.

        Also, how to explain that Justin is still ahead in the polls? The only answer is people have come to realize Scheer can’t be trusted. We’ve seen him, more than once, fold like a cheap suit when faced with a slight controversy and changing his mind seems to be a habit.

        Scheer is so weak he makes Justin seem strong.

        The latest poll didn’t include the PPC (Maxime Bernier’s party). And still, Justin came out ahead by 1% in voter intentions.

        The trick will be getting out the vote and I don’t see Scheer capable of stimulating voter turnout.

  2. Excellent movie !!! Yes I sure hope the Liberal Voters a happy with themselves.Canadians are standing up to our traitorous Goof Trudeau. People are POd

  3. Killing Free Speech: It doesn’t matter if it’s the Canadian or US version. What we got here is the “Zinn Virus.” That is what came to mind as I watched the above film.

    “It’s an universal law – intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.”
    – Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    “The Fifth Annual Howard Zinn Book Fair – Fighting for the Air We Breathe”
    December 2, 2018

    “How to Fight Fascism: Dialogue with Mark Bray and George Lakey”
    Todd Davies – Published on December 19, 2018

  4. The International Left/Globalists are accelerating their plans. See urgency of signing UN Migration Compact. It is, as any citizen can clearly see, a treasonous agreement. Whether treason is what it used to be is a new matter. Certainly, the definition flips when traitors are in charge.

    “Canada” is doomed. Get used to it. The question is do we control the fall or let Liberal chaos reign? We can perhaps control the fall by separation from Ottawa for the provinces didn’t sign on to any UN declaration to rid themselves of themselves. Even without the UN migration guff, “Canada” is doomed by warring against Alberta, which it has been doing since Alberta was formed in 1905 … three years after my family arrived there to clear the land by hand.

  5. Thanks for posting this Eeyore. I don’t watch many videos anymore but this one was well done and worth the time I spent watching it.

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