Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff discusses her case, and the selective enforcement for islam

This clip is excellent. Both women make their cases splendidly.

But IMO they are both missing the key strategy.

Selective enforcement of the ‘hate speech’ laws, rules and regulations against those who speak truth of Islam, coupled with insistence on free speech rights for and only for, muslims and leftists, is the core problem. As usual, selective enforcement is the key weapon of the enemies of freedom. And we allow it.

And to stop its successes, all we have to do is not allow it and speak our truths and pay the price for doing so. It wouldn’t take that many of us.

And frankly, when you speak openly and confidently and in a relaxed manner about the truth of islam and back it up with their own scripture and history, the reaction is sometimes very satisfying.

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4 Replies to “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff discusses her case, and the selective enforcement for islam”

  1. Can they arrest us all?.. They would need camps!.. Sound familiar to us oldies.. Spread that concept far and wide. Norman Specter said if people call our pm a traitor he would block them. A leader who openly speaks of surveillance of climate deniers and anti-illegal migrants scares me actually. What else could you call a leader like that except a traitor

    • “If problems cross boundaries, then leaders need to cross them too. Common Purpose specializes in developing leaders with the Cultural intelligence to cross different boundaries—whether that’s geographies, generations, sectors, specializations, backgrounds or beliefs.”

      Intelligent Design
      Cultural Intelligence
      Gender Intelligence.

      Nothing intelligent about them all, but rage.

  2. She is right, if we don’t fight the hate speech laws will migrate to the US and destroy the US Constitution. She is also right that the First and Second Amendments are the most important ones. The citizens of the European Nations let their governments disarm them and are now discovering that slaves are forbidden to own weapons but free people are armed.

    We in the US are going to have to fight to preserve our liberty and the people will have to learn that if we are to remain free we will have to ensure that the formerly free nations of Europe regain their freedom. In France and Britain we are seeing the beginnings of the civil wars that will spread around the world as we fight to ensure that freedom doesn’t die. When we fight we can’t guarentee that all of the good guys will survive the war but we can ensure that their kids and grandkids are free.

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