Fake News: The lie of omission


In this Daily Mail report of a brutal and sadistic rape in Madrid, we learn that photos and video are available, that the arrested is in custody and that the victim could describe her assailant in great detail. Yet all we hear of the attacker is that it was a “man”.

A men’s rights group should really sue and as I write this, it becomes less and a less tongue in cheek suggestion with each passing word. Why does the left get away with playing the ‘shifting level of abstraction’ game?

Why is it OK to blame, for example, muslim crimes motivated by Islamic teaching and culture on “Asians” or “youths” or in the case of CBC reporting on Rotherham mass rape and forced sex slavery of over a thousand children, “men”?

(I cannot find the article now, but about a year after the Rotherham rape gangs hit the news in a big way, the CBC finally covered it describing the mostly Pakistani, all muslim sex slave gangsters of children, as “groups of men”.)

This is just shifting the level of abstraction to one which lays fault where cultural_marxism wants it, and away from where it actually belongs, which is more often that numbers should allow, muslims.

A sort of amortization of guilt if you like, spreading it from many muslims, who do these things as a matter of religious, cultural and historical norms, to all men with the added bonus of making men as a group look bad. The one identifiable group that oddly, the group slander laws seem not to cover.

Meanwhile, and as a direct result, this keeps happening:

Because how are women, children or men supposed to make informed choices for their own safety when all information is calculatedly and pointedly untrue? A lie of omission is still a lie.

The leftist government media complex is making an omelette. It is an omelette of social paradise and the eggs are all the decapitated, raped, groped, beaten  and robbed women who made the sanctimonious choice for lack of testable information. And we know how many eggs the last century’s communist tyrants broke to make this omelette, one which never actually came out of the pan, just by the way.

Over one-hundred-million of them.

And that, was their own people, and in peacetime.


Three hours after I published this little opinion piece, I saw this in a related msg to me:

The rapist of the American student in Aluche is of Algerian origin and had nine records

Four days. That was the time it took the National Police to capture the man who raped and brutally assaulted the American student Andrea Sicignano next to the Aluche interchange. There, on the morning of December 9, a man of 35 years and Spanish nationality (although of Algerian origin, data that is being hidden by the media) assaulted the girl after getting off at the same stop of the night bus in which both traveled. As soon as the facts were known, the agents launched an investigation that culminated in his arrest on the 12th in Carabanchel. The attacker had up to nine records, although none of a sexual nature.

This is a grab of text from a google translation. But I think we can all agree that “Of Algerian origin” is pretty unambiguous.

Media withholding information that would assist the public in a democratic state to help shape their own national policy is a crime, and more than that, it is fascism.

Whatever the people choose to do in defence of their right to be properly informed would be more than just in this author’s opinion.

UPDATE 2: Why bother even having a media anymore at all?


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  1. Your suggestion that a mens right group sue the news paper for defamation of all men sounds interesting. It would turn the lawfare around and let our side go on the offensive for a change.

    Does anyone know of a group that can and will do this?

    • I agree. They’re inflicting a guilt trip on all men.
      And the same should apply to the designation ‘Asian’. I don’t read of many Chinese raping women in Europe.

  2. The only detail in “El Pais” about the “man” is that he was known to police for prior criminal records

    Tres días después, gracias a la investigación de las Unidades de Familia y Mujer (UFAM), pudieron descubrir quién era el presunto agresor, con nueve antecedentes (ninguno por agresión sexual), y le detuvieron en Carabanchel.

    “ABC” writes that the “man” is 35 and Spanish

    La Policía Nacional abrió una investigación que, según confirmaron ayer fuentes de la investigación, dio sus frutos el 12 de diciembre. Los agentes detuvieron a un hombre en Carabanchel, DE 35 ANOS Y NACIONALIDAD ESPANOLA , identificado por la víctima en una rueda posterior de reconocimiento.

    BUT the “man” is in reality a “recent” Spanish…. of ALGERIAN origin

    El violador de la estudiante americana en Aluche es DE ORIGEN ARGELINO y tenía nueve antecedentes


        • Raghead wanna mess with THESE women? Now THAT’S a crazy man, no question.

          I see a picture of a woman beat up like the one at the top of the page, I just want to kill whoever did it.

          There’s a religious law: parents have to teach their kids how to swim.

          My parents expanded the idea: parents must teach their kids how to defend themselves. Every which way.

          • Myths of the left: 1) If you don’t teach your kids to fight they will never have to.

            2) If you don’t have weapons you will never need them.

            Always remember slaves are forbidden to own weapons free men own and train with weapons.

    • The “Palestinians” must be outraged. Men and women dressed in IDF uniforms and actually touching each other in public! What’s next, affectionate hugging and kissing in front of the children?!?

      Boy howdy. This sort of brazen, lewd and lascivious conduct must put some serious kinks in their hounds-tooth keffiyehs.

      • More than anything, it kills them that these healthy young people make FAMILIES and BABIES.

        Jewish babies in the Nation-State of the Jewish people. And they’re gonna keep on doing it.

        Get over it.
        Or keep losing, pathetic suckers.

  3. A men’s rights group should really sue and as I write this, it becomes less and a less tongue in cheek suggestion with each passing word.

    Didn’t you get the memo? Men in general, and Caucasian men in particular, are the declared enemies of this entire planet. They are now held responsible for all rape, wars, corruption, usury, serial murders, sexual abuse, chauvinism, slavery, pollution, whaling*, wife-beating, and every last pestilential scourge to torment humanity since time immemorial—as in: well before the White race even trod the face of this earth.

    * A “Save the Whales” scrounger came up to me the other day and asked for a donation. He didn’t like it when I told him, “I gave at the flensing station.”

    Why does the left get away with playing the ‘shifting level of abstraction’ game?

    It’s just a bug feature of the usual PoMo fluidity horse palooka that countenances biological men winning women’s sporting competitions, sharing their dressing areas and restrooms, all the while, quietly legalizing Cat 4 chimpout lawfare that takes exception to some stranger’s supposed misuse of a common pronoun.

    NOTE: Whilst managing catering operations in another lifetime, I had the opportunity to sample a local microbrewery’s award winning offerings. Their quality was fine and especially à propos for the themed event that was being held by a (big Silicon Valley name) corporate chapter of the Women’s Leadership Group.

    The microbrewery’s braumeister personally oversaw all pouring and everything was going swimmingly with the client all smiles and wot. One of the servers was a slightly toffish Brit dame who, while picking up another tray of brews, addressed the braumeister as “sir”.

    Oh, did I mention how, while not overly taurine, neither was the braumeister particularly bovine but she was conspicuously dykish? None of which mattered to me because I was able to bring forward a prize-winning woman braumeister at a women’s leadership event who brewed some excellent suds.

    To close. Did an offhand misappellation cause this braumeister to go ballistic, complete with Cat 5 chimpout, accompanied by threats of gender and sexual orientation discrimination lawsuits? Did she get her knickers in a knot? Did she whinge? Did she even blink? Ah nope. While the toff dame coloured up a bit, all involved soldiered on in the unruffled way of all professionals.

    PS: Nobody lost their job and everyone who worked got paid. Finis.

  4. Good essay, Eeyore. I watched the Soviet Story again today. It stays with you in a bad way. The only thing more disgusting than the endless mass murder and dehumanization promoted under communism is that the stars are aligning again under this psychotic idealism.

    How many degrees of separation are there between an anti-Trump chimp-out, and any monster in the Soviet Story? Seriously. I think not enough.

    How many between a chimp-out and, say, dehumanizing another person? How many between dehumanization and murder? Mass murder?

    It is terrifying to see how people can become so convinced of lies and sophistry that they will proclaim their false virtue in front of the world, while condemning all non-believers of their religion.


    I hope this youtube paste works…

    • “How many degrees of separation are there between an anti-Trump chimp-out, and any monster in the Soviet Story? Seriously. I think not enough.”

      None. Its a function of quantity at that point, not quality or intensity.

      I had a guy threaten to beat me at a grocery store because I politely disagreed with him when he said “Trump is a racist”. A security guard had to make sure i got away safely.

      Also, I love it when in a documentary they say: “The science is settled”. This lets you know that no one involved ever made it past grade 6 science.

      • If things are getting that tense in Canada watch your back, it won’t be long before anyone known to be a Trump supporter or opponent of the Canadian government (I know redundant) will be in danger every time they leave their houses.

        Some of the larger US cities are getting close to that point, I live in a small town so the violence probably won’t reach me in 2018. Of course the VA is right next to Mizzzu so going to the doctor may get interesting.

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