Sharia patrols in Berlin, Act 7 YVP in Paris, will Sharia or Marxism be the ‘solution’? News post 1, December 29, 2018

1. Sharia patrols in Berlin

2. Bank of France on fire in the place where Kings are crowned, Rouen.


The seat of the Archdiocese of Reims, the cathedral was where the kings of France were crowned
Rouen is were Joan of Arc was burned at the stake

 morte sur le bûcher le 30 mai 1431 à Rouen,
Thank you for the correction.

3. Surveillance cameras destroyed in French YVP today


5. Paris: Police take down a Yellow Vest

Thank you Xanthippa. M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all who sent in materials. A special thanks to Matt Bracken who did a segment on our humble site last night on Infowars and may have brought us some new readers and contributors.

Everyone please do check the comments under the daily Reader’s Links post. There is red meat there. A potential understanding of what is taking place today, and Act 7 of the Yellow Vest Protests may be smaller in number but it appears to make up for it in ferocity.

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  1. Act 7 of the Yellow Vest Protests may be smaller in number but it appears to make up for it in ferocity.

    The sunshine warriors are staying home but the hard core fighters are out and showing they aren’t going to be pushover.

      • I answered that in a different thread, next weekend is going to tell us how long the protests will last. The next question is what type of government will be chosen to replace the current one? It had better listen to the people or the next round of protests will start out by executing politicians and their supporters.

  2. #1 I read about the Chechen patrols in Berlin some time ago, quick search shows there are reports from 2017. I looked for that video as well, never found it.

    They’ve been coming since 2013:

    Chechens started patrols in Austria already in 2016:

    This video surfaced in 2016, schoolgirl gets jaw broken by mob of Chechnyan teens for a “headscarf violation”:

    It seems these “refugees” are anti-Kadyrov, and are involved in a “who is the most pious muslim” competition with the pro-Kadyrov Chechnyans.

  3. Despite its mid-century division, circumvallation (i.e., military investment), and undesirably intimate exposure to Communism, for many years pre-World War—and, perhaps, briefly after reunification—Berlin was a de facto capital of avant-garde, if not intellectual, Europe.

    Having been Merkelized for far too long, Berlin’s now-tarnished crown has slipped … badly.

    • Lenin’s quotes:

      “The goal of socialism is communism.”
      “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
      “Without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement”.
      “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
      “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

      • From the clip: “Openly gay and secretly straight

        Has modern humanity’s mating dance been shooed out of the old red barn and herded into the lower forty’s creepy genetic box canyon?

        What sort of wholesome woman can a guy hope to attract by acting openly gay? Since when are fag hags viable marriage prospects? And how in hell can any man hope to start a healthy nuclear family with some woman whose admiration is triggered by the psycho-physiological contours of homosexuality?

        Is this a PoMo variant of that familiar “bad guys get all the girls” paradox? Have women—in collaboration with the LGBTQXYZ&#@… cult of victimhood—devised yet another way to socially alienate (and underhandedly close the reproductive gate on) straight alpha males?

        As in: Fabricate an Exclusionary Zone designed to prohibit and punish sociopolitical dissent. Specifically, one which is deliberately targeted at Conservative Caucasian men—but generously embraces all aspects of Western masculinity.

        Yet, nary a peep will you hear from this identical same nursery-school of whiners when it comes to even remotely criticizing hyper-repressive patriarchal tyrannies like Islam.

        These are the pigeons of cognitive dissonance come home to roost. Since time immemorial, gay men have worn “beards” in the form of taking an ornamental wife. Exactly what is implied by the fact that straight men are being pressured to behave homosexually as part of gaining approval from the available ostensibly heterosexual dating pool?

        Is this where Metrosexuals came from? Does this constitute a previously unseen form of Gender Bullying™? Long ago I learned to call such contrived mutual incuriosity:

        The Conspiracy of Silence

        It is a tacit agreement to never point out or talk about anyone else’s problems unasked, so as to ensure that they will never make any unsolicited mention of your own.

        This unspoken agreement cripples a huge portion of constructive interpersonal relationships, both casual and deep. Such an absence of resonance or reflection destroys crucial modes of productive interaction by forcing them into a near-perfect psychosocial anechoic chamber.

        It’s long overdue to shatter these (sound-absorbing) walls and break free of this narrowly constrained thought and self-expression.

        • Im currently reading (listening to) the book, The Moral Animal. I suggest those interested in Darwinian evolutionary theory as applied to human reproductive choices read it fast while its still legal.

          A year ago I would have been 1/2 tongue in cheek when i said that, but Marxism typically forbids Darwinian thought as ‘capitalist’ in nature. So get it while you can.

          Its a humorous and depressing read but explains many of the things NR brought up in his comment and more.

        • Openly gay and secretly straight
          Prayerfully muslim and soulfully ache
          Virtuely Marxist while painfully awake
          The silence of the lambs whose slaughter awaits.

  4. 1/ Andy Bostom is on my top-of-the-morning reading list.
    He picks up anything I might miss that’s Putin.

    Uncle Vlad isn’t bothering with straight commie, we’ve now got more than enough homegrown. He’s stirring the pot, playing the foibles of conservatives. He knows we seek alternatives to MSM, so he subsidizes an entire menagerie.

    Andy’s totally original, fearless, and confident against the grain.

  5. Marx’s statements are almost straight-forward Darwinism, only with the addition of ‘classes’. Both Fascists and Communists believed that progress could only come when certain types of people were eliminated. Its odd how many ‘liberals’ say the same thing, and almost all of them admire ruthless tyrants.

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