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22 Replies to “Rally against UN migration pact in Brussels turns violent”

  1. I would say that the Europeans have reached their breaking point, they are going to force their governments to listen to them no matter what.

  2. I would hazard a guess that these demonstrations are against the Global destruction of Western Nations Pact code named, Marrakesh

    People whose ancient ancestors worked the same soil for centuries to build their own and their nation’s wealth are pissed off protesting over how that hard-won inheritance is being brainlessly squandered given away to newcomers like so much penny candy?

    Fancy that…

    • PS: And in Brussels, no less! Those EU wankers really must be going all brown trousers squirming at the prospect of seeing up-close exactly what sort of fresh hell their lunatic Socialist (redundant, I know) centrally planned control economy has unleashed upon so many other European nations.

      It piques one’s curiosity to speculate about whether the protests in Brussels turned violent faster than those in Paris and exactly which side initiated this latest round of festivities (again, taking infiltrators into account). As in: Did authorities trigger these kinetics by over-prioritizing the EU Parliament’s own Chicken Little cowardice security concerns, or were crowd control measures instituted only after demonstrators assaulted police and–or property?

        • I would say that proposals for an EU Army came a few years to late.

          Equally disconcerting is how that armed force more likely would have been used to quell unrest amongst indigenous Europeans instead of performing its more vital function of sweeping all illegal aliens from The Continent (for starters).

          Then the real festivities would begin … No-Go Zones first.

        • Here is hoping they don’t already have one secretly and the plans where announced post hoc like every other evil thing the EU and Merkel does.

          I posted to this site already where a certain army, I think it was German, was doing exercises preparing for war with “nationalist” governments.

          And those hundreds and hundreds of blue tank like things headed into Paris last week, how are they not a European Union army meant to destroy nationalist movements, or any group o Europeans that oppose the new leftist-islamic order?

          • Here is hoping they don’t already have one secretly and the plans where announced post hoc like every other evil thing the EU and Merkel does.

            I would not put anything—up to and including the clandestine possession of nuclear weapons—past Merkle. She is so insanely dangerous that a possible German blitzkrieg of right-leaning Austria (now, why does that sound familiar?) wouldn’t even surprise me.

            I’d have no problem with Germany if only they stopped reelecting their Psycho Stasi Queen. This new mini-Merkel (i.e., Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer) is just a cheap retread of her predecessor.

            The EU is another matter entirely. If this engorged parasite implodes tomorrow it won’t be a moment too soon.

          • As far as I have heard those are from the French Army and ll the Army personal seen in Paris have been French.

            Yeah Merkel has Germany excising for battle with other national armies. While they could be used in France (at great risk because of memories of WWI and WWII) the more probable targets are in Eastern Europe. If Macron can get the French Army to do the dirty work it will look better then if Germany moves in. I don’t think the EU globalists have enough power to ignore the bad publicity of Germany invading France.

  3. I’ve posted links about EUGendFor in the past.

    “Established Sept 2004 by the Treaty of Velsen. It’s aim is to strengthen international crisis management capacities and to contribute to the development of the Common Security and Defense Policy, in accordance with Article 42.3 of the Treaty on the European Union (Treaty of Lisbon) which states that ‘Those Member States which together establish multinational forces may also make them available to the common security and defence policy’.

    EUROGENDFOR can be considered as an integrated police tool designed to carry out police missions in different theatres, including destabilized ones, in support of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), or possible ad hoc coalitions.

    European Gendarmerie Force http://www.eurogendfor.org

    GoV picked them up in 2010:
    The Armed Enforcers of the Fascist European Superstate

    • 2016
      Secret German White Paper Reveals True Scale of Germany’s EU Army Ambitions

      A secret German defence white paper calling for the acceleration of the formation of a joint European Union Army has been leaked, revealing German ambitions to side-line NATO by creating a pan-EU force.

      The paper had seen its release date pushed back until after the British referendum on EU membership, apparently over fears that it would play into the hands of those advocating a Leave vote. But a copy has been handed to the Financial Times, revealing the scale of Germany’s ambition for a pan-EU Army – led by Germany.

      Germany has already taken steps to merge its military forces with those of the Netherlands, with a number of Dutch units already under German control. But the paper outlines steps to broaden this initiative, bringing the disparate national forces within EU member states under one umbrella – with Germany in charge.…


      • 2013 – lengthy, important article –
        EUROGENDFOR – policing sans frontières?

        Waffen EUGENDFOR: The EU’s “Crisis Reaction Mechanism”
        [The Baron writes:]
        One of the characteristics of the age we live in is that it produces a vast amount of real, verifiable information that would normally sound like the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theories. If you aren’t paranoid before you start reading some of this stuff, you will be after you look into it.


        • From the 2016 article linked above:

          (EU Police and Military Force Rehearses for Civil War in Germany)

          Screened from public view in North Rhine-Westphalia, units of European police and military have carried out a major exercise in putting down unrest and civil war-like actions. It is especially the financing of this exercise by the EU Commission that has prompted questions. The suspicion arises that EU functionaries are in the process of developing a Europe-wide anti-insurgency troop directly answerable to them.…

          …The final point is that the police units initiated and financed by the EU Commission, like EUROGENDFOR and EUPST, do not serve even at a rudimentary level for crime-fighting, but are solely for the purpose of putting down unrest up to and including civil war.

          These paramilitary units from Brussels could even be put into service preventing unwelcome protests: putting a stop to Pegida walks in Dresden, securing electioneering appearances by Merkel and Maas, or foreclosing confrontation by militant leftist or rightist radicals. Any of these interventions is conceivable.

          All of this may be difficult to grasp. But why is the EU Commission creating millions-strong units, if it does not intend to use them?…

    The possible scenarios of intervention for EUROGENDFOR are mainly the following:

    • Substitution of local police forces taking place in an area where the conflict has led to a significant breakdown of the central administration. The international police presence may be mandated to perform the full range, or just some of the police functions, thus being entitled to executive police powers, and should therefore be armed.

    • Strengthening of local police forces in a scenario characterized by a high level of insecurity and criminality due to the lack of a proper Rule of Law system. The international Police Officers would monitor, mentor, and advise, as well as train the Local Police in order to raise their professional standards, contributing to the restructuring of the Local Police also through screening and vetting programs.

    • Other possible uses in humanitarian operations in case of natural or man-made disasters, unsafe environments, lack of adequate infrastructures, internally displaced persons (IDPs), or refugees.


    • Rapid planning and deployment capability.

    • Civilian Police forces are, in general, not capable to deploy as fast as the military. In contrast, EUROGENDFOR is able to deploy alongside the military during the first stage of a crisis management operation – generally the most critical -, thus filling the deployment and security gaps.

    • Possibility to act under a military chain of command or under civilian authority, ensuring the transition from the military to the civilian primacy in a CMO, allowing synergy of efforts and consistency of action. Generally civilian polices are not allowed to act under military Chain of command.

    • Capability to operate in non-benign environments.

    • Gendarmerie forces have some military skills and robust equipment that allows them to act in destabilized environments performing police tasks from the very outset of a crisis.

  5. Just because they don’t kick in for NATO doesn’t mean they’re not militarizing.
    They are. They have been. All kinds of toys.
    “This Statewatch-TNI report examines the development of the security-industrial complex in Europe and in particular the development of the EU Security Research Programme (ESRP). Spawned by the military-industrial complex, the security-industrial complex has developed as the traditional boundaries between external security (military) and internal security (security services) and law enforcement (policing) have eroded. With the global market for technologies of repression more lucrative than ever in the wake of 11 September 2001, it is on a healthy expansion course.”


    • Oh @#@!%^# I already had a headache and this is making it worse. I will have to think about this for a while to make a coherent comment. This is going to accelerate the chaos, the most telling takeaway is that the EU Army was training for a civil war in Germany. While that training would work as well for civil war in France, but moving troops into France right now would probably touch off a civil war in Germany and Belgium with a possible maybe even probable mobilization of the Italian and Austrian Armies and with the Eastern European Nations getting ready to defend their borders.

      The big question is what will the Islamic Invaders do once the civil wars start? Also will the EU Army attack the Invaders if/when they bring their weapons out and start attacking their neighbors?

      I have been predicting chaos, this adds another player to the game of thrones that is about to be played out around the world.

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