Shooting at Christmas Market in Strasbourg (Plus updates)

Story at Israel National News:

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A photo of the Strasbourg Christmas market:

I wonder how much the city of Strasbourg spent putting up Tard-Guards and Diversity-barriers to prevent this via truck?

FRENCH Police-Dissident says the attacker had an S file. This means an ISLAMIC TERRORIST

Thank you Kathy and Ava Lon for the updates.

So he was known to authorities and had an S file, and his name is Shariff. None of which we would know if it wasn’t for a renegade police officer, fed up with the Soviet tactics of the French state:

According to local sources the shots took place at 8pm Crow’s Bridge and then place Gutemberg the identity could be Cherif C. Radicalized it would have been the subject of a search

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  1. Info from 20 min ago
    two dead,(some ppl talk about 3 dead but 20 min ago there were still 2 people dead not 3)11 wounded, 2 of them in critical conditions. Terrorist at large.(talks are about one terrorist) Prosecutor’s Office: it is a terrorist attack

  2. It is only our fault…we are racists and islamophobes…This is why the poor guy lost his minds..He wanted to show us all, that he want respect..
    What do you expect from him ? To find a job ? To work ?
    And that place is not Christmas Market… It is the Winter Season Central Shops…
    he has also many friends who feel disrespected.

  3. So , several news outlets have it that the shooter was known to the police as a threat ; the old tale springs to my mind , about the blonde who sees a banana-peel on the ground and exclaims : Shit , now i’m gonna slip and fall on my arse again ….
    It’s bloody hard to fight off the impression of some sort of pattern here , whith all the “known-to-the-police” threats in the last few years being so “succesful” . It couldn’t just be due to monumental incompetence and too much effort wasted on barking up the wrong trees , could it….

      • Both are more or less the same.

        I’ve said elsewhere there are three goals the U.N. wants to attain for total dominance over populations.

        One: to frighten the people through the Climate Change scam.

        Two: to divide the people through Global Migration Compact.

        They’ve succeeded brilliantly in the first. Now, the second is in place and people will be divided.

        The third will be the creation of an European Army as a starter for a United Nations Army. The goal being to crush all populations.

        Now that the Compact is signed, Climate Change scientists will be meeting in Brussels this coming Monday to conciliate ”Climate Change” with ”Global Compact”.

        • It hasn’t been signed by the most powerful country. Nor the next biggest economies like China or Japan. Puts the whole thing in jeopardy.

          We haven’t bought in to the climate bull, either. And if the German auto manufacturers SIT on the government that exists at their WHIM, the Paris Accord won’t be worth a hill of beans.

          These fluffy artifacts will collapse like cotton-candy when the shtf. What we see right now with the Yellow Vests is MIST of shtf.

    • Macron spoke of an ‘Islam of France’ and recently Merkel ‘Islam of Germany’.

      When the leaders of a nation invent a new version of Islam, one knows the nation is doomed.

  4. His full name is Chérif Chekatt. Hes’ 29, ID here:

    A total of 27 convictions in France, Germany and Switzerland. According to Reuters and Der Spiegel he spent ’16 and ’17 in a German cell for theft. According to newpsaper Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, he was convicted to 2 years in ’11 for assaulting a teen with a broken bottle.
    He hijacked a taxi after the shooting, according to the driver he’s wounded.

    One of the victims was a 45yo Thai tourist, who got a bullet in the head.

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