The BBC, like the CBC, basically just makes it all up from home

It is a wonder they bother to even go to the events they ‘cover’. like the CBC in Canada, they are there to collect data points for a narrative and if they can’t find them, they invent them.


From Tommy Robinson’s description:

Not quite the skinhead, Nazi, knuckle-dragging racists that the media were portraying. Men, women and children of all ages peacefully protesting against the traitors in Westminster who are trying to reverse the biggest democratic vote in British History. I’m so proud of all of you who had the courage to protest despite the smears and scare tactics of the MSM and establishment.

If anyone reads any Government-Media complex accounts describing the crowd as Tommy claims they did, please send it in to the comments on this post and I will include them below.


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  1. SVT
    “Sex education programmes aired by Sweden’s national broadcaster, which include tips on oral and anal sex and fisting, to name a few, have prompted Swedes to question a comprehensive new “TV tax” which would cost 1 percent of their income.”

    *Ahem* Quite a biased introduction by the organ. Forcing people to pay for government propaganda is the real issue.

    “The recent decision by the Swedish parliament to replace the TV license with a comprehensive tax has become a source of discontent for many Swedes sceptical of mainstream media. In particular, the choice of Swedish Radio’s ‘sexual enlightenment’ segments has raised many eyebrows.”

    It is not about addictive-personality perversions, liked or disliked.

    It is about the destruction of our homes.

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