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    • “Party of European Socialists 2018 Congress Live Stream”
      PES – Party of European Socialists – 5:35:51
      Streamed live on December 7, 2018

      “PES Council, Lisbon, Day 2, Panel: Progressive values in a global dimension” PES – December 7, 2017

      Panel 3: Progressive values in a global dimension
      Speakers: Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of UK Labour Party; John Crombez, Leader of sp.a, Belgium; Nils Ušakovs, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party “Saska?a” (SDPS), Mayor of Riga; Johanna Ortega, IUSY vice-president, JSP Paraguay;
      Moderator: Katarina Nevedalova, vice-president of PES

    • “CPGB ML Mayday contingent 2016”
      Steven Lamb – Published on May 2, 2016

      The CPGB-ML march in London for May day. Jeremy Corbyn was present, which caused a lot of media controversy. Nice to see Labour turn up after 50 years of no attendance.

      “UK: ‘We stand absolutely against anti-Semitism’
      Corbyn leads London May Day rally”
      Ruptly – Published on May 1, 2016

        • My Russki’s big brother refuses to talk about gulag. When he was released – thanks to Prez Reagan directly – he was close to death from TB. He recovered, slowly, then claimed his memory of gulag was “burned away” with the fever. That’s all he’d say.

          The end of the film mentions stoicism. Stoicism is a defining trait of the many Russians I know. They take pride in coming from people who’ve endured great hardship, who’ve survived with fully human souls.

  1. Turkey-EU reform group to focus on ‘justice reform’ (hurriyetdailynews, Dec 9, 2018) 

    “The Turkish government is set to hold this year’s second Reform Action Group meeting on Dec. 11, resuming the talks after a three-year pause in a move signaling its determination to join the European Union.

    A statement issued after the previous Reform Action Group meeting, in August, had envisaged that the “judicial reform strategy will be updated with the participation of all stakeholders, the Turkish legal community and civil society.” The country’s justice minister held a meeting last month to hear the views of relevant parties.

    The judicial reform strategy is scheduled to be updated and completed by the end of 2018.

    A working group has been established by officials from the justice and foreign ministries to draft the judicial reform strategy in a way to meet the required standards of the EU and the Council of Europe, with the group putting in intense efforts to draft the text, which will be evaluated at the Dec. 11 meeting, a Turkish official told the Hürriyet Daily News.

    “The principles and assessments of the EU, the Council of Europe and other international organizations as well as the case law of the European Court of Human Rights [ECHR] will be taken into consideration in the drafting process. The aim of the new strategy is to further enhance trust in the judiciary, improve access to the justice system, increase its effectiveness and provide better protection for the right to trial within a reasonable time,“ the statement said.

    In the working group meetings, the Foreign Ministry outlined the required standards and concerns raised by the Council of Europe and the EU, namely long detention periods, trials pending, speeding up trial periods, and independent judiciary. Ankara also wants to move on with the process for visa-free travel and the progress on benchmarks to launch talks for visa liberalization will be on the agenda of the reform group meeting.

    Out of 72 criteria for the visa-free travel process, only seven remained to be met and biometric passports fully complying with EU standards were also ready. After the confirmation from the EU, the number of remaining criteria would officially decrease to six.

    Regulations expected to be fulfilled by Turkey for visa liberalization are as follows: Operational cooperation between Turkey the European Police Service (Europol), along with the signing of a legal cooperation agreement with EU member countries, preparing third-generation passports, reviewing the law on the protection of personal data, reviewing draconian anti-terrorism legislation, and drawing an action plan to harmonize with the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) — the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption monitoring body.

    Turkey and the EU Commission launched talks on Nov. 30 for an operational cooperation agreement with Europol, which is one of the benchmarks for visa-free travel.

    The upcoming local elections in Turkey and the European Parliament elections in May are likely to delay the launch of visa liberalization talks.”

  2. Migrants tell of stories of ill treatment by Greek officials (hurriyetdailynews, Dec 9, 2018)

    “Migrants who have been pushed back into Turkey by Greek authorities tell the details of abuse they have been subjected to by the European country.

    The plight of migrants trying to reach Europe has not faded, with the most recent tragedy being the discovery of the bodies of four undocumented migrants last week in the Akçadam and Adasarhanl? villages of the northwestern Turkish province of Edirne, near the border with Greece, which is accused of “pushing back” migrants.

    All the migrants are believed to have frozen to death.

    The undocumented migrants have said Greek police beat the refugees and sent them back to Turkey.

    Human traffickers drop undocumented migrants off the fields in the Turkish villages near the Greek border. There, the migrants hide until night to cross into Greece through River Evros (or Meriç) on boats.

    This route is used by migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq whose intended final destination is Europe.

    Ankara has a migrant readmission agreement with Athens which constitutes the backbone of the migrant deal between Turkey and the EU that was brokered in 2016, aiming to stem the flow of irregular migrants from Turkey to the Greek islands.

    The deal says for every Syrian migrant sent back to Turkey from the Greek islands, one Syrian in Turkey will be resettled in the EU.

    But recently the Greek police have forcefully been sending migrants back to Turkey. Some of them have frozen to death on their way back to Turkey.

    The Adasarhanl? village in Edrine has become the meeting point of the migrants who the Greek police sent off from an area just across the village into Turkish soil.

    The temperature in the village, where the bodies of three migrants were found, has dropped to freezing cold, making their plight even more unbearable.

    Soaked to the bone, and exhausted, a group of migrants catch the sun in the village’s center. They initially hesitated to talk but later spoke out.

    “We feed on this,” said one migrant, showing the cranberries he picked in a forest.

    They said they had arrived in Turkey from Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah four months ago to go to Europe.

    They said they gave $2,000 to the person who brought them here.

    According to their account, the Greek police caught them and sent them back to Turkey after keeping them for one day on Greek soil.

    “They did not give us food but beat us up,” they said.

    When they learned that four migrants froze to death over the past week, they responded: “There is no life to live in Iraq either.”

    Following the brief conversation, they left the village for Istanbul.

    Villagers in Adasarhanl? collect clothes for the deported migrants. They take the migrants to the village’s wedding hall to change their soaked clothes with dry ones.

    “They take shelter here because our village is near the border. We try to help them but we need more clothes,” said ?brahim Dalk?ran, the village head (muhtar).

    One villager said they could tell if the migrant was sent back from Greece by looking at their shoes.

    “If they have no shoelaces it means they were sent back, because the Greek police collect shoelaces,” the villager explained.

    “We tell them not to go to Greece. But they don’t listen,” the villagers said.”

  3. Germany will not put DITIB under surveillance: Report (AA, Dec 9, 2018)

    “Germany’s domestic intelligence agency BfV gave up plans to put Turkish-Muslim umbrella group DITIB under surveillance, local media reported on Sunday.

    The DITIB, a Muslim organization founded by Turkish migrants in Germany, has become the target of anti-Turkey propaganda in recent years, and opposition politicians claimed that it was controlled by Ankara, involved in propaganda and spying activities.

    According to the weekly Welt am Sonntag, German Interior Ministry and the BfV could not find any strong evidence backing such claims about DITIB, and recently gave up plans to monitor the group.

    Several states, including North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and Lower Saxony, have clearly opposed a general surveillance of the group, underlined that it has been an important counterpart for integration projects, and advocated dialogue to resolve the problems, according to the weekly.

    The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), the largest Muslim organization in Germany, currently runs more than 900 mosques across the country.

    Last year, Germany’s Chief Federal Prosecutor dropped an espionage investigation into 19 Turkish imams due to a lack of evidence about spying claims.

    Earlier, German media had claimed that these imams gathered information about the supporters of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) in Germany.

    DITIB denied the claims and said they formed a campaign by FETO to discredit the union.”

  4. Teen seriously injured in double explosion in Malmö (thelocal, Dec 9, 2018)

    “An 18-year-old man who is fighting for his life in hospital is suspected of having been involved in the double explosion which caused him his injuries.

    The young man sustained life-threatening injuries on Saturday afternoon after a homemade bomb exploded in a residential building in the Malmö district of Kroksbäck.

    Minutes earlier police had received an emergency call after another explosive went off in Västra Söderkulla, another neighbourhood of the coastal southern Swedish city.

    “The (injured) man is in custody for his involvement in the first blast and we’re currently investigating if there are any other assailants,” Malmö police spokesperson Anna Göransson told Swedish news agency TT.

    “We’re still looking at all possible leads and will start interviewing witnesses and residents of the building soon.”

    A forensic investigation is currently under way at both crime scenes. No other people have been reported injured in either blast.”

  5. Stabbing victim leaves blood trail through Melbourne (9news, Dec 9, 2018)

    “Police have followed a kilometre-long blood trail through Melbourne as they investigate a stabbing attack in Sunshine.

    Security video shows a man stumbling through a shopping strip in the suburb last night, moments after being knifed in the stomach.

    Protective Services Officers spotted the 38-year-old at the Sunshine train station. He ran from them before collapsing on a nature strip.

    Police were able to follow the blood trail back to Harvester and Devonshire roads, where it’s believed the attack occurred.

    The victim remains in hospital in a stable condition.

    9News understands police are hunting several people.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

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