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3 Replies to “Shooting in German grocery store”

  1. Shooting in German grocery store

    Oh, come now! Consumers really need to get with the times. After all, with things how they are, who is it that pops round to the grocer’s and doesn’t expect their shopping experience to include a bit of gunplay?

    On a far more serious note: It was only through great, good fortune—or lots of range time for the assailant—that this young child was not struck by a stray round or ricocheting bullet (perish the thought).

    I would even go so far as to wager a hefty sum that, if they weren’t so already, the kid’s parents and grandparents are now staunchly anti-immigration.

  2. Cultural enrichment!
    Duh-VERS-uh-tee is our STRENGTH!
    This is the sort of thing that happens, and has since the beginning of time, when rules that hold behavior to civilized levels are ignored.
    Compare Germany in 1960,1970,1980,1990 to Germany today.
    Compare France, Italy, the US. Tell me why the cultural pollution we are enduring is an improvement.
    Oh. You can’t?
    I thought not. Thank you.

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