Trudeau uses anniversary of islamic terror attack in Ottawa to lecture Canadians about diversity: Links 2, Oct, 22, 2018

1. AN interesting video of what has to be a bust of terrorists. Im going to say in Russia for the moment and wait to be corrected. But almost certainly in one of the former Soviet states controlled or lived in primarily by muslims.

***Item 1 is in Tomsk, Western Siberia, Russia.***

Thank you Alex for the correction.

2. Smiling Anjem Choudary goes for a Sunday stroll outside his bail hostel – with electronic ankle tag on show – as newly-unearthed tapes capture him saying he’ll never stop supporting ISIS

Freed hate preacher Anjem Choudary revealed he would continue supporting jihadism and said it was ‘the duty of every Muslim to give their allegiance’ to IS, as detailed in a recording that has now surfaced.


The 51-year-old Islamist, who was released on Friday after serving two years for inciting others to support IS in videos posted to YouTube, made the revelations in 2014.

Speaking to a Sun on Sundayinvestigator before his conviction, Choudary, who was given five-and-a-half years in prison, but served less than half of his sentence, said:

‘As Muslims we have no choice but to support the Islamic State.

3. Bosnian Police Block Migrant March at Border

Bosnian police have blocked some 200 migrants from reaching the border with neighbouring Croatia, which is a member of the European Union.

The migrants marched Monday from the northwestern town of Velika Kladusa toward Croatia in protest that the border remains closed for people trying to reach Western Europe. They turned back after spending a few hours near the Maljevac border crossing.


Also Monday, another group of 89 migrants, including children, left a camp in the town of Cazin, apparently to march toward another border crossing.


Thousands of migrants are staying in northwestern Bosnia while trying to reach wealthy EU nations. Local residents held protests last weekend in the town of Bihac over the rising number of migrants in the town.

4. Police charge 20-year-old man in fatal Kennedy subway station stabbing

Toronto police have charged a man in relation to a fatal stabbing at Kennedy subway station on Saturday, police said.


Mohammad Raswoli, 20, of Toronto has been charged with second-degree murder. He was arrested at the scene.

The victim has been identified as 28-year-old Stephen Louis MacDonald.


Toronto paramedics responded to reports of a stabbing inside Kennedy subway station in Scarborough on Saturday evening. When paramedics arrived, they found MacDonald had been seriously injured.

5. Trudeau Statement On 4-Year Anniversary Of National War Memorial Terrorist Attack Doesn’t Mention ‘Terrorism,’ & Refers To ‘Fear-Mongering’ And ‘Inclusion’

Rather than confronting the reality of Islamist terror, Trudeau ignores the fact that the terrorists were ISIS-inspired and lectures Canadians instead.

Justin Trudeau is facing criticism following his statement on the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill.

Trudeau’s statement can be viewed below:

“The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the four-year anniversary of the attack at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill:

Please go to Spencer Fernando to read the statement in full of Trudeau’s. But Anthony Furey’s wrap up is rather good:

“This is really stooping to a new low. Trudeau uses the anniversary of the death of Nathan Cirillo to basically chastise Canadians for “fear mongering” about “diversity”:

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in important materials and their thoughts on recent events in the comments.

More to come yet.


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  1. Yes, the P.M may be a brainwashed, superficial globalist marxist front person of low iq, but he isn’t a nazi. True, he does have the Soros family as friends, George happy ex-nazi collaborator who wants open borders, pays for migrant land and water taxis, supports destroying nation states. Is any of this reflected in Canada’s leaders policies of diversity, importation of non-compatible 3rd world populations and lack of border enforcement?
    Are Canadian cities safer under this man with the new influx of people? Or is Trudeau merely trying to distract the nation from his efforts to destroy Canada’s economy like Obama tried to do in the U.S?

  2. A rose by any other name…
    The tyrant stays the same
    Red or Green the weary theme
    Our freedom ever wanes.

    Tomorrow marks the 62nd anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. Sixty-two years now, and counting, for a fight that seems to have found the Fountain of Youth.

  3. Justin is the best spokesman, er, spokesperson, for western separatism I’ve ever seen. Go Justin Go! You da man, er, person!

  4. Nathan Hale, I hope you are right, but I don’t throw the Nazi label frivolously. His ostensible devotion to Islam is a surrogate.

  5. Canadians get the leaders they deserve as do all people. Poor Canada combining the worst features of the French and British and none of the redeeming characteristics.

  6. #1: I ran title & description through google translate. yes, it’s Russia. Tomsk Oblast to be precise, south-west Siberia.
    FSB busted a sleeper cell on october 10. The leader recruited through Telegram, planned to send them to Syria.

  7. Confirming, unlike many other cases where ISIS supporters are in Dagestan, Tatarstan, or Chechnya, this one is in the very heart of regular Russia. Disturbing but not surprising.

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