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4 Replies to “Tommy Robinson is finding out about how much cultural-Marxism has impacted the military in the UK”

  1. I have a terrible feeling the government through the Military wants to assassinate him.
    He’s a thorn in their side. Support for him just keeps on growing and now he has military officers on his side.
    May The Lord protect him.

    • Part of the Government wants him dead but I doubt they are using the military to try and kill him. The firing/discharge of the soldier for posing with Tommy was on Orders from the political masters who are afraid that Tommy will gain enough of a following in the Military to make it politically impossible to put him back in the Pens where the Islamists can murder him.

      The members of the Military aren’t robots who obey orders no matter what, soldiers like that lose wars, you want soldiers who think for themselves to adapt to the changing situations to carry out their mission. There are very few soldiers in the US military that would obey orders to fire on US citizens unless they were under fire from the US citizens. The British Military is probably the same.

      • The British Military is probably the same.

        Till the decent soldiers get discouraged or are forced out. Till the recruitment adverts for tards and metrosexuals kick in.

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